Happy 90th Birthday Clint Eastwood!

That’s right the legend that is Clint Eastwood turns 90 today! He has directed and starred in some of my favourite films, Million Dollar Baby and The Bridges of Madison County are two that mean so much to me!

3 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday Clint Eastwood!

  1. Wow. Imagine if he wrote a memoir. I mean, if he took twelve months off to just sit down with pen and paper and reminisce. Warts and all. That’d be something to read, wouldn’t it? Imagine the things he’s seen and done, the people he’s worked with, chilled-out with, fallen out with. The films, the times, the places. I guess 90 Clint Eastwood years would have more content than 250 of mine, could I live that long.

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    • Oh yeah it would be unreal! Especially considering the affairs and that he won’t admit how many kids he has 😂 when I scheduled this post yesterday I was reading around his personal life haha


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