Run (Season 1) Review


Run. A long time planned escape between two ex-lovers, if one person texts the other with Run and they reply with Run within 24 hours they meet on a train at Grand Central Station in New York. Spending a week together to decide if that is what they truly want!


Number of episodes: 7

Before I started watching Run I had no idea at all what it was about I saw it was starring one of my favourites Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever who I have been very impressed with in a few things in the past year or so. Both of them together in this new black comedy series was something that intrigued me.

Ruby Richardson seems to have a very ordinary life and had just been to the supermarket when a text pops up on her phone RUN. She looks terrified and in all honesty that made me really nervous as I seriously at that point in the opening scene of episode one really had no idea what was going to happen. I thought is someone following her? Is she in danger? Then she replied and rushed to the airport to get a flight from LA to New York. I think I knew immediately that I was going to get right into this series. The uncertainly and crazy nature even so early one was a joy to watch.

Baring in mind she rushed to the airport and bought a ticket on arrival (does anyone in real life ever do this as it is often in tv shows and films?) anyway she had her bag with her and that’s it no change of clothes or anything. Then from the airport getting to Grand Central Station and on a train to Chicago. This was to meet Billy Johnson, although they pretend they don’t know each other as a little game to begin with, which in all honesty I was starting to wonder what am I watching?

With only seven episodes in the whole series it certainly has a good pace to it and it actually takes a while to fully understand why they are doing this. Former college girlfriend/boyfriend who had made this very pact. They did initially have some rules in place though, mainly not to talk about what they have done in life. Although in this day and age with Google and social media is that possible? Something that is briefly mentioned.

Billy is a life guru who had been very successful and made quite a lot of money it seems. But is his reason for texting RUN because everything had suddenly gone wrong in his life? That was certainly a possibility. I obviously don’t want to give too much away with the plot as it really does take some rather dark and interesting turns throughout.

I guess it all changed straight away when he saw Ruby’s phone with a family photo on, husband and kids! Which then makes us as a viewer really judge Ruby for just leaving them so quickly. A very interesting concept of a pact though right? That is something I really admired about the plot being something rather simple yet brilliant.

The chemistry between the pair is rather awkward at times but I felt as though it was supposed to be exactly like that. They had not seen each other for a good seventeen years, surely things aren’t going to fall back into place as they were almost two decades earlier? As really after all that time you will know nothing about the other person we all change so much even in a short space of time let alone all of that.

That is were the brilliance comes in though in my opinion because it makes you think and wonder if you would do this for anyone from your past? If it didn’t work out then why would it work out better now?

So many questions and the twist and turns we are taken on is something that I really enjoyed as so much of it made sense. It really takes a massive dramatic switch in episode 5 and I have to admit that I was totally shocked as that was not something that I thought they were going to have to deal with! Changed the narrative a little bit as well.

I haven’t really seen to many people talking about this online which is a shame considering it is HBO in the US and on the new Sky Comedy channel here in the UK. It really is worth watching as something that dares to be a little bit different!

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