Cineworld to reopen all UK Cinemas in July!

News broke today that Cineworld is planning to reopen all of its UK cinemas in July as the lockdown measures begins to ease following the pandemic.

The big release in July is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet which is due for release on 17th July, which is the day after my birthday so it appears I could well be back at the movies by then! Another big release is the live action Mulan film which has been pushed back a few times now due to the world crisis. As everything stands we will be in for a very busy time in November!

When the cinemas reopen they will have social distancing measures in place which will include isolation and staggering film times to reduce crowding.


For many years now I have pretty much tried to social distance myself from others in the screenings anyway due to the amount of noise people making talking and then the annoying use of mobile phones! So anything that is put in place to spread people out more in screens is something I welcome. My local Cineworld hasn’t got that busy in screens for years now so I am hoping that will make it a bit easier for the system to work.

Surely only being able to book online would help out as well, so they know how many people will be attending and this would help to monitor the crowds and not having loads of people just turning up? That is just one of my personal ideas. I have certainly missed watching films on the big screen, as it really is a very special experience. That is when I have my biggest switch off time and don’t use my phone!

How do you feel about the cinemas planning to reopen and what strategies would you like to see in place?

6 thoughts on “Cineworld to reopen all UK Cinemas in July!

  1. I can’t wait, just need an outlet from work really, the thing i wouldn’t be comfortable with is masks, but the US screenings are saying only to be worn around the cinema, not once in


  2. Interesting Caz! I can see this working for the big chains but still worry about the independents, you still need to make enough back, to even be worth opening. That being said, it’s a step forward (My local Picturehouse only has the 2 screens!!)


  3. I love going to the cinema, but I think it’ll be a while before I take the risk – it just doesn’t seem worth it for a movie, alas 😦


  4. I feel it’s way too soon to reopen. Cineworld only care about reopening in July because they know they will make all the money they lost from the opening weekend of Chritopher Nolan’s Tenet. They care more about profits than the actual lives and safety of people. Its pretty disgusting really. I still haven’t forgiven Cineworld for laying off so many of their staff members.


    • I personally feel it will be a lot safer than having to go to the supermarket where people have always pushed past and not stayed the distance apart etc. I’m looking forward to going back and with the measures they will have in place should ensure that no one is sitting near me, something I would do myself anyway. But my cinema is never really that busy, something I feel makes a difference to some areas.


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