The Family (2013) Review


The Manzoni family are part of the Witness Protection Programme and have to constantly be moved due to blowing the cover as they are part of a mafia clan! The latest stop is in France . . .


Constant name changes as Giovanni now Fred is trying his best to protect his family, even though it is perfectly clear that they can all more than protect themselves. Especially the quick work of sussing everyone out at the new school for Belle and Warren. FBI Agent Robert Stansfield tries his very best to keep them in line, something that is not easy at all.

Fred is now a writer in his latest cover and given his nature he was never going to be able to just keep quiet. The plummer finds that out in the toughest ways considering he was attempting to do him out of money. I strangely found those scenes amusing and now no longer sure about my sense of humour with that!

When you think about the many gangster characters Robert De Niro has played over the years then putting it into a comedy like this is something that works. We have seen that with Analyse This, but in The Family it is taken in a very different direction. It has some amusing moments and it has a mixture of action within in that as well.

De Niro is good in the leading role and has good chemistry with Michelle Pfeiffer. Seriously though can she do anything wrong? Given a strong role to go up against De Niro and be able to well quite frankly control him! Dianna Agron who I know pretty well from her time on Glee takes the girl next door look in a different direction when she can more than handle herself. John D’Leo impressed me as well with his young age and being able to more than hold his own with the big names he was working with very impressive. Tommy Lee Jones in a small role is always a joy right?

The Family while not the greatest film around it is entertaining enough and more than watchable. Plenty of different action going on and that’s just what you want from this style of comedy.

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