Cast Away (2000) Review


Chuck Noland is a FedEx executive who had been working incredibly hard to ensure the company was performing in the best possible way, visiting different countries headquarters. Between Christmas and New Year leaving girlfriend Kelly his plane crashes on an island and he must overcome all of the odds to survive.


Cast Away is an incredible film in so many different ways and I truly believe it gets better each and every time you watch it. The build up to Chuck surviving the plane crash onto the island is to show that he is good at his job and very passionate it about it, certainly highlighting FedEx and what they were doing first twenty years ago now. Wanting super fast delivery not only in the United States but around the world.

Along with that his relationship seems to be going very well with Kelly and as he leaves her with a small box and promises that he will be back by New Year’s Eve. Something that wasn’t really that far into the future. On the flight though something wasn’t quite right and the crashing onto the island for Chuck being the only person on board to survive.

Considering being on a plane and it crashing terrifies a lot of people you cannot even begin to imagine what it must feel like in those moments. The island is totally deserted and Chuck must battle to survive, figuring out what resources he can use to get the basic things he needs. Rescuing a few FedEx packages that were on the plane as well seeing if any of the objects would actually be of any use.

Wilson, very iconic volleyball which accidentally ends up with a face made of blood on it. Something that kept Chuck company even more so when we jump forward four years. That’s right he had been on the island for four whole years, psychologically you cannot even begin to imagine how that would feel. Also physically we see a dramatic weight loss.

Something I cannot imagine is if Tom Hanks was not in this film. His performance is utterly breathtaking who else could keep viewers interested for that long whilst being stranded on the island. With not a lot of dialogue, although we do get some with Wilson of course. Managing to build a raft that could sail in the sea was obviously a very big task and something that would eventually save his life.

I forgot how truly brutal the return to reality and home was for Chuck though with Kelly now being married and having a child. But both ways round you can really feel the pain, everyone was convincing her that he was dead and she had to move on. He survived thinking of her, so a very vicious circle and very emotional scenes.

Helen Hunt while obviously in a small role really gets to show plenty of different emotions in the different scenes. The reunion is so bittersweet with Hanks but it works in the best possible way. I seriously think that I will continue to enjoy rewatching this film over and over and over again. Not many actors could pull this type of role off, especially given the 2 hours and 23 minute running time. It really is an epic journey that is more than worth the watch, you know it gives you some ideas just incase you ever get stranded on a desert island alone!

9 thoughts on “Cast Away (2000) Review

  1. Such a good movie – I remember being so crushed about how things shook out when he returned home, but I also thought it was an amazing story choice given the reflection of reality – how quickly the world moves on from tragedies you read in the news and how the people involved must cope once the news vans move on. And the scene where he makes fire for the first time – perfection. 🙂 A great review for a great movie!

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    • It really is a perfect film, something I feel I appreciate so much more than the first viewing many years ago. As you get older you just get certain things in a different way.

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  2. I literally get shivers just thinking about that return journey especially, that meet up in the rain is heartbreaking BUT it also makes so much sense, which is unusual in a film of this level, which makes it even stronger.

    Completely agree on Hanks throughout, and loved Helen Hunt in all her roles around these years, absolutely outstanding, you just believe it all.

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  3. Each time I watch this film it climbs higher onto my list of all time favorites. It’s wonderful for all the reasons you state. My husband and I will be covering it on our podcast eventually. Can’t wait to see it again for that.

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    • That sounds great! I think even more so now being in lockdown with the Covid outbreak makes us really think at least we aren’t stuck on an island with nothing at all!


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