My Spy (2020) Review


JJ a former US Special Forces solider has just started working as a CIA operative, however his lack of delicacy is quickly uncovered during his first mission. His second wasn’t going to be much easier when a 9 year old girl named Sophie figures him out when he is supposed to be surveilling her family.


Everything about My Spy is fun, that is the main thing to remember when watching this film. It is not trying to be an amazing incredible spy film. It is trying to be a good action-comedy film. Something which I think it does very well.

The plot isn’t overly complicated but can I just say that I was fully sold on the film within the first few minutes and a Notting Hill reference happening. That was all I needed, seriously! It doesn’t take Sophie very long to figure out that the CIA have bugged her home that she lives with just her mother, Kate. In return of not telling her mother she wants to be taught how to become a spy, by blackmailing him!

Sophie is struggling to cope with not having any friends at school having not moved back to Chicago not that long ago. When JJ and his associate Bobbi move into the building it was never going to be as simple and straight forward as they were told it would be. Mainly because JJ isn’t really the best spy, constantly relying on Bobbi but not really giving her very much in return. I really enjoyed the development in that relationship as felt rather sorry for Bobbi feeling she was not being taken seriously because she was the “computer” side of the team. Even though that is surely just as tough to be able to handle?

The mixture of comedy and action really does work very well and surely it was about time Dave Bautista as a former wrestler was given his film like this? You know they could really have a special genre for that given The Rock and The Tooth Fairy, Triple H and The Chaperone  and looking at many years ago Hulk Hogan and Mr. Nanny! Especially given the film power from being in the Marvel Universe.

Chloe Coleman was very good as Sophie, she really could hold her own in each scene and managed to show a performance well ahead of her years. Always a tough balance to get it right in a film like this but it really was pulled off in the best possible manner. Kristen Schaal was a total scene stealer it has to be highlighted, she brought so much extra comedy without fully meaning to do it. Luckily Ken Jeong is in a more straight role which he carries off nicely, as I personally do not find him funny at all so that was a relief.

The film has been very quickly released on Amazon Prime, as part of your package which was a lovely surprise given this was one of the films that had been currently on release at the Cinema before they close due to lockdown. Which means it is nice to be able to experience it now, as I feel this is just the type of film that we need during lockdown!

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