Heat (1995) Review


When professional bank robbers lead by Neil McCauley make a mistake after their latest heist they start to really feel the heat from the police lead by Lt. Vincent Hanna.

*Director’s Definitive Edition*


Heat quickly becomes a truly epic cat and mouse story as Lt. Hanna must work out who not only committed the heist but then went on to kill three police. The thing is though the killing of the police was never part of the plan and something that really pissed Neil off with his own crew member. Overheard by the only witness to have said slick towards the cop before shooting him.

This really is an incredible film from the first moment to the unreal conclusion and closing scene. Taken on a journey where you are constantly wondering who’s side you are really on. We shouldn’t really think it but Neil actually comes across as a decent man. I know right, it feels strange even saying that considering the heists they pull off but having him start a relationship with Eady certainly makes him feel more normal and human. Really showing that side when he is with her, if they did not have this in the film I really do believe we would feel differently towards him. Plus the way he protects Chris Shiherlis who has been having a lot of issues in his marriage and not doing his best for his young son.

Then we have Vincent Hanna who spends the majority of his time working and then is given grief by his wife Justine. Having his stepdaughter Lauren living with them who is constantly let down by her real father. This shows that he has the totally opposite in terms of home life and the relationship. Which was a shame really as you could tell they really did care about each other, but his job really did consume him. Especially when Neil came into his life!

So many truly amazing scenes and amazing one liners. The scene when the police were lured into the abandoned car park/warehouse area and Hanna realises it was so they could get a look at them. Then he starts smiling and waving his arms around in the air that was truly epic. The going for a coffee scene as well was just some of the best acting around with Pacino and De Niro sharing the screen together for the first time within the film. Obviously the biggest standout was one of the best gun fighting sequences I have witnessed on film, truly outstanding the sound and level of noise was unreal (must have been the best experience in the cinema) then taking that shot! Pretty sure I stopped breathing properly when he went to take that one!

I have looked forward to catching up with this one for a long time and had heard it was good, was never expecting it to be this good and that is something I am very happy about! Considering I was expecting a lot from it, thankful it more than delivered.

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are two of the greatest actors of all time and they were truly perfect in these roles. Bringing out the best in each other in the scenes they shared and truly owning each and every frame they were in. Is its safe to say they were actually very similar characters that just happened to be on the other side of the law?

Supporting wise this film has an amazing cast with Val Kilmer being very good as Chris. Thought he offered room for De Niro to work and was very impressive. As was Ashley Judd and had some very important moments that were essential to the plot and outcome. Jon Voight was often on his own during a phone call but he made that work in the best possible manner. Then we get Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, Hank Azaria and Amy Brenneman all offering good moments. Not forgetting a young Natalie Portman, who while we don’t get to see a lot of she has some very impactful moments.

Easily putting this film on another level for the whole crime, drama and thriller genres of film with plenty of action thrown in as well. Surely perfect for this type? I certainly think so!

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