To Catch a Thief (1955) Review


John Robie is a former jewel thief who had been enjoying his retirement on the French Riviera but when a pattern of robberies occur he is immediately the number one suspect.


His former nickname being “The Cat” he now wants to prove his innocence by catching the new cat and clearing his name. Insurance man H.H. Hughson is the man he gets help from to do just this, letting him know who the richest people on the island are. This is when he meets Jessie Stevens a very rich widow and her daughter Frances. With plenty of twists and turns as we are kept hanging on to find out not only who the thief is but why they are trying to blame Robie for it.

Robie and Frances are drawn towards each other and this creates a very interesting relationship. Something I truly adore about watching older films is that the romance and love is developed in the best possible way. Not just focused on the sex and what they may or may not show on screen, no two people being attracted to each other and showing that with actual acting. I seriously think everyone should be made to watch old films and get a sense of romance again!

I have been a huge fan of Cary Grant and class him as one of my favourite old Hollywood actors. He has so much charisma it is the best to watch, please bring suits and nice clothes back for men! Even the scarf he is often wearing in this one with his jumpers (although let’s appreciate some amazing jumper scenes in recent films, yes Chris Evans in Knives Out I am talking about you). Anyway his ability to own the screen with a look is as breathtaking as ever in this film.

Grace Kelly more than matches Grant in terms of charisma and this is the reason the film is so easy and good to watch. They work with each other so effortlessly together and the scenes between the pair are a joy to behold. Even with them both being on top form I am going to be possibly controversial with my pick for standout performance, that goes to Jessie Royce! I thought she stole each and every scene she was in as if toying with Grant and really doing as she pleased. Such a shame she was not actually in many films at all. As I thought she was great in this one. John Williams was engaging as well rounding off the more leading roles.

I am still massively playing catch up with Hitchcock’s filmography and this was very different to Rear Window, Psycho and North By Northwest which I have already seen. This did not have the same type of suspense in terms of building up the tension. This went more towards the suspense of finding out who the thief was. So it just shows that I certainly am in for an amazing ride taking in more Hitchcock thrillers!

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    • Oh totally, got to love the censorship that stopped anything too intimate as it ironically creates amazing romance as they actually have to show it in a different way.

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