Weird Science (1985) Review


Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly have no luck with girls and are ridiculed at school. One night they use a computer programme to create their perfect woman. When something crazy happens and she comes to life she becomes a nightmare for the pair!


I have been working my way through the John Hughes film collection, the Brat Pack as it were and in all honesty I kinda wish I had just ignored Weird Science as the plot is as bad as it actually sounds. Actually no, its a lot worse than it sounds! Considering Anthony Michael Hall was in the lead though and he has been a highlight in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club I decided to give it a go (young Robert Downey Jr might have also been factored into the decision).

Lisa as they name her is what they created on the computer system and causes absolute chaos. The message behind it was to give the two boys more confidence and stand up for themselves. To do that she needed to be seen with them it seems, and that was all fair enough really as which teenager doesn’t need a confidence boost?

Personally for me this one failed more where the others pushed forward was by not having any likeable characters. Ok I will say what I mean, I missed Molly Ringwald! Her characters in John Hughes films was always the one you were rooting for and hoping she succeeded. Wyatt and Gary were not that type of character, although if I had to choose Wyatt probably came across in a better way.

I was fully lost from the film when the mutant bikers showed up and was wondering what on earth I was watching and why on earth I was still watching it? My mind was blown by that scene and not in a good way. Then the creature Chet was turned into, even if he did deserve it had me just think why?

Guessing that this film was more of a “one for the boys” with the majority of his films being more for girls and I would place The Breakfast Club as a mixed one. So I’ve never really been in the target audience for this one and quite frankly I don’t mind so much that I didn’t enjoy the film. It happens, sometimes we just take a big dislike to watching something and this happened for me with Weird Science.

6 thoughts on “Weird Science (1985) Review

  1. Hah, yeah, this is definitely of the era and wouldn’t even get near a studio. Fun teenage boy film, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it growing up, but it’s beyond ‘now’ by a long, long shot.

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