King Ralph (1991) Review


The British Royal family are left without a monarch and the search discovers that the next in line to the throne and to become King is Ralph an American lounge singer!


Ralph was obviously the worst possible choice to come across to England and become King. He had no idea about the role of the King and everything he would have to give up to lead his people. They never believed his grandmother when she told stories about meeting and knowing a Prince. So I guess that eventually made sense at least. He is helped by Willingham and Phipps to adapt to life in the palace and they attempt to instil some British history in him.

It was never going to be simple though with the British press hounding and following him with his relationship with Miranda in particular being looked at. Little did he know Graves had offered her money to be caught places with him! That’s right Graves is our bad guy who would be the next family line to get the throne if Ralph failed.

Considering I had never even heard of this film until a couple of days ago it was certainly a lovely light relief of a film. With some genuinely funny moments as well, basically the culture differences between Americans and Brits which always brings out a laugh. Especially considering Ralph’s life as a singer in sleazy clubs, heading straight to a strip club in Soho. A particular highlight was his demonstration of how to do the dance to stripper Miranda. Then the over enthusiastic piano playing as part of a royal dinner.

Given the story and performances it certainly is a nice little fun film. Nothing outstanding or amazing but a good comedy that is for sure. John Goodman is so good as Ralph and he really was the best choice for this type of role. Then you throw in Peter O’Toole, John Hurt and Richard Griffiths some of the most decorated British actors of stage and screen. That certainly shows the level of acting going on throughout the film.

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