Ronin (1998) Review


Sam is a former US Intelligence Agent who is now freelancing must attempt to track down a package that is wanted by both the Irish and the Russians.


Working with a special team Sam forms a close bond with Frenchman Vincent and they work tirelessly together to find the package and attempt to understand who the good guys are, if even anyone? That is something that is difficult to work out throughout the film. Ronin is a Japanese word that is used for Samurai without a master, and that is something important to remember about our team in this film. No one controls them so it really could go in so many directions!

The plot features a lot of characters and is not the most simple to follow, but I guess that is another way of saying that it actually has a good depth to it all? The best scenes without a doubt are the car chase scenes which are done in a truly fantastic manner, that being very realistic. Through Paris and Nice, it has you on edge especially when they end up on the opposite side of the road and must dodge all of the traffic. Certainly leaves you gasping for breath in those scenes. Which really does confirm just how brilliant the chase scenes really are, I had been told that they were impressive but you really do have to watch them to understand just how good. Especially considering the chasing car is a Peugeot?

In terms of character development I guess we don’t really get too much going on with that, other than the relationship between Sam and Vincent I don’t think anything else really stood out in a progressive and positive manner.

Something that immediately impressed me is the calibre of the cast in this film with Robert De Niro in the leading role. We also have Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, Sean Bean, Skipp Sudduth and my personal favourites Stellan Skarsgard and Jonathan Pyrce. All adding very good performances and creating good tension throughout. De Niro is fantastic in this type of role and I love being able to catch up with some of his older films and forget most of his 2000s and 2010s work exists (sorry Bobby). Skarsgard can do no wrong in my eyes and I love the vast genres his career covers, he really has been in so many types of films. Although smaller role I adore Jonathan Pryce and he really does make a truly outstanding villain! I haven’t seen Jean Reno in many films and I always wonder just why that is, something I should look to change.

4 thoughts on “Ronin (1998) Review

  1. I just got this in an Arrow film sale. Sat under my TV right now awaiting a rewatch. Weirdly I’d forgotten the car chase scene, but I do remember a great scene with Sean Bean and Robert DeNiro and some coffee? Oh, I’m really looking forward to this now


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