Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Review


Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow wants nothing more than to get his ship the Black Pearl back and to do this teams up with blacksmith Will Turner, who will do anything for Elizabeth Swann the governors daughter when she is taken by some pirates.


The opening scene would ensure the audience know more about the background of Will Turner than he seems to remember. Being saved and meeting Elizabeth as kids but she steals the medallion from around his neck to save him really though as with a skull on she assumed he was a pirate. We then flash forward many years and he is now working as a blacksmith and it is very clear that they are both actually in love with each other.

When the medallion is tracked by a group of pirates they take Elizabeth with it to board the ship with Captain Barbossa as she must accept that these pirates are actually cursed, she could be the key to unlock the curse if she had not actually lied about her name of course. In the meantime Captain Jack Sparrow had arrived and after a lovely sword fight with Will Turner he is placed in the prison to hang. When he offers his help to Will they form a team and get a crew sorted out in order to save Elizabeth. Or so Will thinks you can never truly believe anything Jack Sparrow says.

That is something that creates a lot more drama but more importantly some hilarious moments and it really does bring out the very best in Johnny Depp. He is truly outstanding in the leading role, an amazing pirate. Speaking of amazing pirates while we get the humour and amusement from Depp, Geoffrey Rush offers an amazing portrayal of a pirate and I feel that is something that goes a little bit unnoticed at times. If you think of a pirate he captures all of those things. I have to mention Orlando Bloom as well considering I had his Will Turner poster on my wall for a few years. This was his next big franchise to start after Lord of the Rings. Keira Knightley in her first big leading role and she certainly fits in very well giving one of very few female characters within the film.

I find this a very fun and enjoyable film with plenty of interesting characters. Some visually stunning scenes in the sea and the way the ships are set up it really does look very impressive. I adore the score as well, everything fits so perfectly within the scenes and it is haunting how much different pieces fit so well with the characters. This is something that pushes the film to another level in my opinion as we have the action, the comedy, the romance and the drama with plenty of twists and turns in the story to keep it interesting.

To begin with it seems that a franchise was not really planned but they wanted to see the success of this film (which was obviously huge) considering the ideas for this came from a ride in Disney World! Obviously the ending left it all wide open for more as well, but at least it was done in a very clever way.

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