Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Review


Ralph is a video game villain and wants to be a hero instead, he then decides to go on a quest to win the medal for the first time ever which causes mayhem in the whole arcade of games when he begins to jump into different ones.


Wreck-It Ralph is in a game Fix-It Felix where his job in the game is to wreck everything as the villain when Felix must then fix it to win. He is thrown off the building at the end of a winning game and he has grown tired of living alone and wants to be a winner for the first time in his life.

When his game jumping quest begins he ends up in a shooter game Hero’s Duty and meets Segeant Calhoun and thinks this will be his time to change. This was not to be the case though as Ralph cannot get away from his reputation of wrecking everything and unleashes a deadly enemy that will impact the whole arcade. When he meets Vanellope who is glitching in her game Sugar Rush, which is a racing game. His quest to win a medal becomes more complicated when he wants to help his new found young friend, while he does this though his game faces being unplugged.

King Candy has other ideas because he will not allow Vanellope to cross the finish line, which has a slight twist going on which is pretty good to watch in all honesty. What seems like a very simple idea and story becomes rather complex and showcases how important friendship really can be when people are feeling very lonely. Going a lot deeper than you can probably first imagine and expect when watching this film.

Everything about this story is fascinating and enjoyable from start to finish. At times it feels like it is a video game version of Toy Story. What happens behind the scenes when it is not being played, that is at least how I felt when watching it. So many interesting scenes and it is bound to remind you of different games you have played at some point in your life, no matter your age.

John C. Reilly as Ralph really was the perfect choice as he manages to get the tone of voice where you cannot help but to feel sorry for our hero, if always seem as a villain. He just captures the sadness and that is perfect to build up the character, something that is often forgotten about in animated films. Sarah Silverman is an actress who in all honesty I don’t really know too much about, her Vanellope is a perfect mixture of innocence and kick ass rolled into one. Then throw in Jane Lynch, who else would you pick fo Calhoun? Jack McBrayer as Felix who actually grows on you a lot considering he does not actually seem all that fantastic by his treatment of Ralph.

Wreck-It Ralph feels very unique in terms of daring to be different compared to other Disney films and it really is a joy to watch. Who doesn’t still love playing video games?

5 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Review

  1. I love Wreck-it Ralph but remember being slightly disappointed at the lack of real world video game references, something that the second builds upon in heaps! Such a great idea and that ending with his “bad guy” monologue crushes me every time! The sequel was less impactful and definitely more forgettable, but still enjoyable while it lasted.

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    • I was thinking that maybe the real world video game references was due to copyright reasons, but after the success of this film they decided it would be beneficial to allow the use of names etc in the second film? Just my theory.

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