Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Review


Ralph and Vanellope now good friends after the events of Wreck-It Ralph and we see them head off on a new adventure six years later when they see a Wi-Fi router in the arcade and are very curious to what that is exactly.


Ralph trying to do a nice thing for Vanellope and her Sugar Rush game by creating a new part of the track accidentally ends up breaking everything when the player breaks the wheel. They discover that a place called the internet will have one and they travel through the Wi-Fi router in the arcade to bring it back before her game is switched off for good.

Wreck-It Ralph took Disney animation to a different place and in a very good way. Ralph Breaks the Internet follows on from that and quite possibly ends up being even better than the first film. Mainly because of the different things it manages to capture all together in the story.

Without understanding or knowing anything about the internet it was never going to go well for the pair, as they bid a ridiculous amount on EBay for the steering wheel and then find out they actually have no money. They then enter the internets weird world on how to make money before the time runs out on the winning bid. This launches Ralph to make different videos to get hearts in order to make money, sound familiar to so called YouTubers and influencers? It certainly highlights just how stupid some of that really is, he also learns a very valuable lesson never read the comments. This can certainly be thought about in many different forms.

Vanellope had been struggling with being bored in her game and when she finds Shank after trying to win (again for money) she sees that as a place she could really enjoy and drive around. Not really think about everything Ralph is doing for her. She is a Princess in her own game and this creates one of the best scenes in the whole film when she meets all of the other Disney Princesses who teach her about breaking out into song when they really want something, all in gowns and then changing to be more comfortable like their newest member really was a terrific twist. Must mention the “nap queen” top worn by sleeping beauty absolutely amazing! Although when Merida speaks with his broad Scottish accent and none of them understand her is truly my favourite part! But I really did love this and what they did with the Princesses.

That also adds in some chances for a breakout in song and I felt that was so perfect and fitting for the development of Vanellope. We do get an utterly heartbreaking scene as well though, if I just mention waving I am sure you will all understand! Then poor Ralph wrecking everything again as he well and truly breaks the internet with a Ralph virus!

The best thing about the voice parts in the film is the further development of the characters of Ralph and Vanellope from both John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. Being able to have all of the Disney Princesses come and voice their character was an added bonus and something that as you can tell I really loved hence a lot of gushing around that part of the film.

Not very often a sequel can rival or be slightly better than the first film but I certainly think that is possible for this one. Both very good quality and I found myself absolutely adoring Ralph Breaks the Internet and slightly annoyed with myself for not actually seeing it at the cinema.

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