47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) Review


When four teenage girls dive in an underwater city that had been left in ruins they did not realise the danger they were putting themselves in when they encounter some deadly sharks.


It takes quite a long time for the shark to first appear in the film and in all honesty when they eventually do it feels more like a comedy film than anything horror related. I know that sounds very odd but I could not help but to laugh out loud a couple of times when the sharks attacked and the way they managed to get people and that as not really something I was expecting. I was hoping for the tension to be built and in all honesty 47 Meters Down the first film I quite enjoyed and caught it at the cinema so I had been looking forward to catching up with this one.

Mia and Sasha are kinda step-sisters as it appears their parents have recently moved in together. This was something we did not get into great detail with but within the first ten minutes of the film you could already guess what was going to happen at the end and who would somehow manage to survive.

Some of the death scenes really do feel more like out of a shark comedy film that would be a piss take of shark films. If that makes sense? It certainly looked all very cheap in the different scenes and the sharks did not actually feel very scary which is essential in a shark film right?

I had no idea John Corbett was in the film but isn’t he always a nice character? I cannot help but always think of him as Aiden in Sex and the City. I know strange one to come out with in this review but he is one of those actors I firmly have linked to a tv role. The girls Sophie Nelisse, Corinne Foxx, Brianne Tju and Sistine Rose Stallone were all more for looks than anything else in the film which was a bit of a shame that was the shallow approach they took especially considering the film is no where near the level of The Shallows.

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