Mulan (1998) Review


Mulan to save her father from death in the army secretly goes in his place pretending to be a man and becomes one of China’s greatest heroines.


When Mulan finds out her father was going to be called up to the army where he would not have survived the battle of the invading Huns. Knowing that she decides to disguise herself as a man to go in his place. This obviously creates some very difficult and tough situations to keep her true identity hidden.

I must admit that this was the first time I have ever actually watched Mulan and after about twenty minutes I was seriously wondering why I had never actually watched it before. Especially considering how much of a tomboy I was myself growing up and especially in 1998 when it was released, unless of course I thought I was too cool for a Disney film when in year 7 at school? I guess that could be a very good explanation.

Mulan is a fantastic character and to have Lea Salonga as her singing voice was certainly a very good move from Disney. The relationship between Mulan and dragon Mushu was very entertaining to watch and it certainly made some scenes more lighthearted and that was something that was needed with the war base of the story. With Eddie Murphy doing the best Robin Williams in terms of entertaining character in a Disney film, yes I am comparing it to the Genie in Aladdin and I think that formula works in the best possible way.

We hear a lot of talk around Frozen being the game changer for Disney, even though I believe Tangled and Brave did something very different first and don’t get anywhere near enough credit! But Mulan was something very different in terms of female characters and that for Disney actually having a woman going out to fight and not just wait around for a Prince to come and save her. Something that I was not expecting with this film was to be shocked that it does not get anywhere near enough credit. It seriously does deserve so much more! It had actually got me wanting to see the live action version for this one as I think the take they put on the story could be very interesting.

Very late to catch up with Mulan and eventually an easy thing to do with Disney+ and I am now looking forward to seeing what else I have missed or re-watching some of the older films that I have not seen for many years now. I urge anyone else out there that has not seen Mulan to give it a chance! It is more than worth it, looks very good and the two songs are well placed and fit in very well with the overall story and character development that we see so nicely unfold on screen.


8 thoughts on “Mulan (1998) Review

  1. This was the first time you’ve seen Mulan? Wow! Well, better late than never.

    I’ve always been in the minority with this film. I’ve never liked it, but I also never disliked it. I’ve always been incredibly neutral to this film. I think maybe cuz I’m not into warrior/fighting female characters, so the #GirlPower message didn’t make me “like” the film. But also there was nothing wrong about anything in the film so I didn’t “dislike” it either. I dunno. I just have always been neutral to it.


  2. It’s a really good Disney, this. Excellent Eddie Murphy work as well. Also, you are very correct about Tangled and even more so about Brave. Never understood why that doesn’t get more love.

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