Contagion (2011) Review


Beth Emhoff when returning from a business trip to Hong Kong suddenly dies after suffering from an infection which is flu like and her young son also suffers. Mitch her husband somehow seems to be immune but as the days pass how many more people will be taken down by the virus?


I guess it seems quite strange to watch Contagion at the moment with our very own pandemic the coronavirus and showing that this is not actually massively different. Wash your hands and don’t get too close to other people. Maybe we should have paid closer attention to this film from nine years ago and took some of those pointers back then?

The healthcare professionals and government officials must work quickly to develop a vaccine which is tough when they don’t actually know the source of the somewhat deadly disease. Which I think should be quite helpful now to think about what is actually being done that we the general public do not know about at all.

Dr. Ellis Cheever is hard at work but also wants to protect his own wife which is surely a natural reaction which would backfire on him. Dr Erin Mears is quickly sent to Philadelphia to be in the thick of the outbreak where Beth Emhoff had returned home to, oh via a layover in Chicago. To which you had to feel sorry for her husband finding out that way that his wife had been having an affair. I mean that was a very interesting little plot twist.

I have to admit that I do enjoy the day countdown and having to wait until the very end to see day 1 and how the virus started, which was something that you really can see is simple in terms of hygiene. Also showing how quickly something can spread and that our interactions can in-fact be very deadly!

The cast is very impressive and we get some fantastic performances in particular Matt Damon who I feel steals many of the scenes he is in. Along with Jude Law being rather creepy and Laurence Fishburne leading the line very well. I feel Elliott Gould is another that steals scenes and I loved seeing Kate Winslet in this different type of role. Gwyneth Paltrow while being a key character has a very small part and that is still shocking on a second viewing!

A very powerful film in terms of acting and the story to go along with it, I will admit that couldn’t fully remember how exactly it all started which made waiting for that day 1 reveal was just as good as a first viewing. It might not be something that you want to watch right now but it certainly does help to highlight what could be going on behind the scenes. Let’s hope though that somethings don’t get as crazy as what happens towards the end of this film though. Plenty of interesting thinking points from start to finish and quite frankly a film that probably could not be released now!

11 thoughts on “Contagion (2011) Review

  1. Love this film. The sequel that seems to be playing it in real life right now is innovative but has, I think, largely outstayed its welcome.
    Great review. Look forward to watching it again…but maybe not for a while

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