Strange But True (2019) Review


When Melissa turns up at the family of her boyfriend who died tragically five years earlier she tells them she is pregnant and with his child.


Five years since Ronnie’s tragic death we see the family have been torn apart Richard and Charlene now divorced and he has a new wife and had moves away from their other son Phillip who is struggling with a knee injury. Charlene and Phillip both just surviving and when Melissa turns up they cannot quite believe she is telling the truth.

In different ways they both investigate her claims and it does seem that it could be some kind of miracle and that in his tragic death he could have had sperm removed and kept. But at 18 years old is that really something Melissa or anyone would have thought about. We are told that she is into magic and goes to psychics in order to communicate with Ronnie one more time. Gail and Bill are pretty much her guardians/adoptive parents.

Strange But True is engaging enough and does have a rather shocking twist, I will not spoil it but it certainly was not the direction I felt the film was going on so quite a surprise in that sense. Plenty of thrilling moments and you could not help but to be fully engaged from start to finish.

Boundaries of relationships and families are pushed to the extreme and you will find yourself trying to work everything out and wonder if it really could have been a miracle with some magic involved. Ok, that was seriously what I was thinking quite early on but in my defence I did watch the film from about 5:30am!

That must have something to do with the very impressive cast! Nick Robinson is an actor I have been following closely since Love, Simon and I will continue to do so. Margaret Qualley was decent in the leading role and the support from Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear, Blythe Danner and the always amazing Brian Cox was something that made me wonder how this film has slipped under the radar as I don’t remember a cinematic release? I am not necessarily saying it deserved a big one but it was interesting enough.

The pacing was good enough and something that was essential in this type of film, we are drip fed what happened the night of Ronnie’s death but I actually thought that was the best way to do it in all honesty because if we had seen that at the start it would have taken away some of the mystery.

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