Spenser Confidential (2020) Review


On his release from serving time in prison Spenser is not going to just leave everything so easily even if his plan was to get out of Boston. Teaming up with Hawk after being introduced by boxing coach Henry . . .


In the opening scene we get to see that Spenser tried to take down fellow police officers, or maybe that should be those in higher roles than himself. He served five years in prison for assaulting his Captain John Boylan after intervening a domestic dispute. On the day of his release a police officer is murdered and Spenser becomes a suspect. Along with them trying to frame another cop the conspiracy goes very deep within the police department.

Spenser on being released has a new life plan and that does not involve his ex-girlfriend Cissy Davis but she doesn’t seem to want to stay away from him. This creates for a truly embarrassing and cringeworthy sex scene in the toilets which is honestly one of the worst I have actually seen in a film. I guess that is saying a lot, but it really was horrific and not really needed to be brutal.

I think we could have done with more Henry within the film as he was a pretty cool character in all honesty. The man who introduces Hawk to Spenser and wants him to teach him how to punch properly they just so happen to be temporary roommates at Henry’s house. Then become an incredible crime fighting due right? Well, that’s what they try to do with the film anyway.

Mark Wahlberg is always watchable though isn’t he which is something I cannot complain about, just a shame in this film he wasn’t really given a massive amount to work with. Considering this film is supposed to be more of an action comedy it doesn’t really have many moments which can be classed as a comedy which is a shame really. Alan Arkin is not used enough, but I mean is he actually ever really? Winston Duke was engaging enough and worked well with Wahlberg so cannot really complain about him at all. Iliza Shlesinger was given a pretty awful female role to be brutally honest and I thought by 2020 we had seen the end of this type of rubbish for actresses but I guess not.

I guess we are still more than aware that Netflix films can be very hit or miss and I personally found this one to be a big miss. Considering Wahlberg it really does build it up as everyone certainly enjoys his films a lot more than this one.

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