Outbreak (1995) Review


When a deadly virus is brought to the US and spreading rapidly throughout California army doctors must try to find a cure for it before its too late and locating the African monkey thats the carrier!


Colonel Sam Daniels is part of the United States Army medical research team for Infectious Diseases and when he is sent to Africa when a new deadly disease is discovered and reports to General Billy Ford who just so happens to be a lifelong friend he will not put an alert out on it as he believes it is far enough a way and not airborne. So they think, when Jimbo Scott transports a monkey from Africa to the US he is infected with the disease and that does not bode well for the other passengers on the flight.

While this is all going on Sam is coming to terms with splitting from his wife Robby Keough but they must still work together in order to combat against the disease.

The disease takes hold of its victims very quickly and as the doctors and scientists as part of the army work to try and come up with a cure it also means they must work out how the US now have this disease. It creates so much tension and gripping to watch from start to finish. Highlighting how you should never just think you know everything without more research, it turns out the disease is airborne and that was then bad news for the hospital with a hell of a lot of patients in it.

Deciding to re-watch this film with the current world pandemic known as the cornavirus may seem very strange but I am sure I am not the only one who has done just that. I am not fully sure if this film makes you feel a little bit calmer or makes you want to panic more. I guess relief that covid-19 is not actually airborne can be the only positive right?

The film has a truly amazing cast and that is certainly what keeps everything engaging. Dustin Hoffman really is one of the best actors you can watch, it is something I always think when I watch one of his films even though I don’t actually believe I have seen enough of them. He is fantastic in the leading role and truly drives the film forward. Sharing some good scenes with Morgan Freeman, who has more of a supporting role but does that in his usual great fashion. Rene Russo has a strong role as well which is great to watch now as well. I have to admit that I totally forgot it was all Patrick Dempsey’s fault, obviously his role is not really that big considering the character. Cuba Gooding Jr was another who had an impressive supporting role! Donald Sutherland probably more as a cameo but very effective. The same goes for Kevin Spacey in his supporting role as well.

Maybe given current times we can look to this film as some kind of inspiration and hope that people are working twice as hard behind the scenes to come up with a cure or vaccine or something to stop the virus spreading and keeping people safe.

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