Onward (2020) Review


Magic has long gone from the world (or has it) elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot are about to go on an incredible quest that shows anything is still possible. Can they find the long forgotten magic?


Onward is a truly lovely film with an amazing adventure and bond to show between two brothers who feel they have nothing and common and are complete opposites. When Ian turns 16, his mother Laurel gives a gift that his father had left for both him and Barley. Showing that magic still exists and if they can cast the spell they will get to spend 24 hours with him. Barley has some memories of their father but Ian was not born when he passed away.

This certainly adds an amazing emotional edge to everything in the film and that’s is not really something I was expecting which leads me to believe this film will be a rather hidden gem, especially now considering the closure of the cinemas it will not be seen by enough people which is such a shame!

Barley loves playing his quest games and totally into the thought of magic, trying to get everyone to believe that it is all based on history and what used to be. This certainly helps when they start the quest with Ian being very dubious but he just happens to be the one that can cast the spells. So it works out that they need one another to be able to complete this out of this world quest. The thought of seeing their father the driving force and not realising that the time they spend together doing this is going to be very special.

Don’t we all wish magic existed and that we could see a loved one just one more time? I certainly think so and I feel that is the special part of this film and the story it contains. We can relate to it quite a lot and not forgetting that it offers some comedy as well with funny jokes and moments for people of all ages who watch the film. It really does have such a good balance.

The cast for the voice work is rather impressive with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt taking on the two leading roles and it seems we have had a lot of Tom Holland doing voices recently! Octavia Spencer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mel Rodriguez taking on the supporting roles.


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