The Hunt (2020) Review


When twelve strangers wake up in the middle of nowhere gagged and with a box in the middle of the field they must act quickly as they have been chosen as part of The Hunt!


Absolutely bonkers really seems to be the best way to open a review about this film, because it is utterly bonkers. But I actually quite liked it at the same time, at different times it actually boarders on being brilliant. Not constantly though as it didn’t really seem to decide which genre it was going to stick with and offers quite a lot more comedic moments than expect or that could just be my warped sense of humour.

It takes a little bit of getting to our central character of Crystal but more than worth it with plenty of shocking moments in that time. We are fully aware that the people we are watching are being hunted by other people and killed in brutal ways. It doesn’t waste anytime with that considering someone wakes up a little early on the flight and it caused me to actually cover my eyes (due to an eye, which is something I cannot cope with watching).

The pacing is very good and creates some very different social ideas between the very rich/privileged and those at the bottom. Which I guess was more of the main point in showing that those with money can pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they want without suffering they consequences.

Crystal played by Betty Gilpin is a total kick ass female character and totally what we need in film. Really enjoyed seeing her totally lead the film in such a fantastic manner. I guess it is quite hard to comment on the supporting cast considering some of them can probably be classed more as cameos! I have to admit that even though I saw the trailer a week ago I totally forgot Hilary Swank was in it, I mean how can you forget when one of your favourites is in a film? I really wish she still got a lot more work now.

It does create more in current day and “real life” version of The Hunger Games but can any of them actually survive long enough to help each other and who can you really trust? That is something that really creates some drama and Crystal’s background really did put her in a perfect position to survive. The interesting twist around why each of them had been chosen was something I wasn’t expecting and I guess should make you think about how you talk on social media and on the internet especially when not being kind towards someone.

We all need bonkers films every now and then right? I personally think so and this was entertaining enough and had a fine line towards ridiculous at times, but again that is something we need when watching cinema you don’t want it all to feel too real. I do wonder how close it was to being an 18 considering it was rather graphic at times with the gory violence!

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