The Invisible Man (2020) Review


Cecilia Kass manages to escape from her abusive husband Adrian Griffin or does she? When he kills himself she still does not feel save and with very good reason!


The opening scene of the film really sets the nervous and tense tone that it keeps throughout. Cecilia wakes up in the middle of the night and carefully and quietly tries to leave the house with her husband asleep in bed. Using the camera system they have to check if he is still asleep. Obviously this is not going to go to her plan and she ends up setting off an alarm. Her sister Emily picks up without any idea why.

She is then staying with James Lanier and his daughter Sydney who do everything possible to make Cecilia feel safe but even when she is told that Adrian has committed suicide and his brother Tom a lawyer gets her to sign for money she has inherited. Something does not feel right for her and she does not believe he is really gone. This is then followed by very strange ghost-like events which she is the only one who experiences it.

No one will believe her and in all honesty you can understand why as who would actually believe her. Making her out to be totally crazy and then being set up for different crimes which again really look like she did. It becomes rather frustrating at times when you want someone to believe her but that adds even more tension to the film.

It is constantly dark which I guess is essential to create the atmosphere and suspense that is built up so well over the two hours and four minutes. Everything worked out well in that running time, even if early on you think it is a little bit slow it was essential for not only character building but scene setting as well. Creating the tense atmosphere, especially considering the majority of scenes were all in a house.

Elisabeth Moss is an actress that I have really been enjoying to watch in recent years and I think she is outstanding in this film. She feels very real and you can relate to her constantly, I loved the edge she gives to the character and leads the film in a very impressive manner. An incredible female character! Aldis Hodge was brilliant support and I could not help but notice how skin tight the clothing he was put in, makes a change that happening to a man right? But his physical condition was truly unreal, that scene with the vest on. I am fully aware that sounds totally pervy but it was something that I could not look away from. Storm Reid while not the biggest role was still good and I enjoyed swatching her again after being very impressed with her in Don’t Let Go last year.

The ending was so satisfying and I very much doubt I will find a film in 2020 that gives me the same level as how happy I felt with what they did. I am not going to spoil it but really had to mention that, as I was left wondering on the direction it was going to go. That was something I was not expecting to feel utter joy at the end I thought it was going to be more relief. This is what made me give the film 4 stars instead of 3 as I was very much on the fence but throughout it has you guessing and even annoyed at times, which works well for this time of film.

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