BAFTA Rising Star Award: A History

2020 is the 15th anniversary of the BAFTA having the Rising Star Award which is voted for by the public. Starting in 2006 known as the Orange Rising Star Award and then since 2013 the EE Rising Star Award, this is due to sponsorship and pretty much helps the award with publicity and getting the public involved in the voting for the winner. 

Over the years as I have become more and more obsessed with films I know more about the nominees which in all honesty makes me feel very special and at times very geeky. Which I personally love and am very proud of, I felt coming up to the 15th year it was very important to take a look back at not only the winners from each year but the other nominees as well. The list is very impressive and it feels as though someone at BAFTA can certainly pick out rising stars in the best possible way, the nominees are chosen regardless of gender, nationality and whether they have made a breakthrough in television, film or both.

I guess at times the outcome could be influenced by the fan base which that actor has and if they are in a franchise they will probably be more known than others. But the important thing I want to look at here is the high level of not only winners but nominees and looking at where so many of them are now, so even being picked as the five can certainly be seen as a massive positive.






James McAvoy

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Gael García Bernal

Rachel McAdams

Michelle Williams



Eva Green

Emily Blunt

Naomie Harris

Cillian Murphy

Ben Whishaw



Shia LaBeouf

Sienna Miller

Ellen Page

Sam Riley

Tang Wei



Noel Clarke

Michael Cera

Michael Fassbender

Rebecca Hall

Toby Kebbell



Kristen Stewart

Jesse Eisenberg

Nicholas Hoult

Carey Mulligan

Tahar Rahim



Tom Hardy

Gemma Arterton

Andrew Garfield

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Emma Stone



Adam Deacon

Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

Chris O’Dowd

Eddie Redmayne



Juno Temple

Elizabeth Olsen

Andrea Riseborough

Suraj Sharma

Alicia Vikander



Will Poulter

Dane DeHaan

George MacKay

Lupita Nyong’o

Léa Seydoux



Jack O’Connell

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Margot Robbie

Miles Teller

Shailene Woodley



John Boyega

Taron Egerton

Dakota Johnson

Brie Larson

Bel Powley



Tom Holland

Laia Costa

Lucas Hedges

Ruth Negga

Anya Taylor-Joy



Daniel Kaluuya

Florence Pugh

Josh O’Connor

Tessa Thompson

Timothée Chalamet



Letitia Wright

Jessie Buckley

Cynthia Erivo

Barry Keoghan

Lakeith Stanfield





Jack Lowden

Kaitlyn Dever

Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Micheal Ward

Now you have had a lovely recap on not only the winners each year but the nominees as well it really is great to see that whoever BAFTA have working on this award they really do find the breakouts very early on. The prime example of this is Florence Pugh, her breakout role was Lady Macbeth yet for some reason not many people seem to have seen that film or remember it so saying 2019 was her breakout year which is very wrong in my opinion! So going forward pay close attention to this award and it will help highlight some very talented young performers that you can find current film or tv work and then also looking out for them in the future as well.

My love for film is huge and I love an award which appreciates fans views as well, as I mentioned earlier if the breakout is in a franchise it really could help with winning the vote. The nominees are all very impressive and some years it is now amazing to see how far some of these amazingly talented actors have come, the big majority still putting in great performances to this day in film, tv and even on stage as well.

I guess as well as looking at the history of this award it is also a small way of saying thank you to Orange and now EE for sponsoring this award for BAFTA. For this years nominees only Kelvin Harrison Jr and Micheal Ward are the two that I have not seen very many things for, so I am happy with the other three being rather well known to myself. I see that as reward for watching a love of film/tv. It does also make me want to catch up with the current work for those two though.

Do you pay much attention to this award? If not, I really would recommend that going forward you see the amazing talented young actors that will be looking to push forward in the next few years and have promising careers. It is certainly something I have been paying a lot more attention to in the past couple of years.

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