The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) Review


Mick Haller is a defensive lawyer and when he begins to doubt his latest client being innocent he struggles with his morals when he has absolutely no way of being able to get out of it.


Louis Roulet is a very wealthy realtor and accused of assaulting a woman who just so happens to be a prostitute. Mick Haller is requested to defend him by the man himself he later finds out, is that for a particular reason? He must wait to find out the exact link. Issues begin to show when Haller likens the actions in this case to another he dealt with but with the woman being murdered and seeing Jesus Martinez sentenced in prison for a crime he did not actually commit.

The film does attempt to have a very layered plot but it doesn’t really turn out that impressive overall which was a little bit of a shame. I think as a viewer you know too much too soon and it makes moments very obvious, which was certainly a shame. I mean the slight twist at the end wasn’t even that shocking.

I had seen this film before when it was originally released at the cinema and I have to admit that watching it again I remembered parts of the plot which must be a good thing really, considering it’s almost nine years since I would have last watched the film. Something else it made me realise is that I really do enjoy watching Matthew McConaughey, he has a very impressive charisma and charm that you cannot help but become taken in by. That works very well in this role as what comes across as a sleazy lawyer to begin with, until we realise that he does actually have morals as well.

Supported by Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Josh Lucas, Michael Pena, John Leguizamo and Bryan Cranston. As you can easily see a very impressive cast line up, Pena was certainly the biggest scene stealer which was even more amazing considering he probably has the least amount of screen time. I had forgot that Cranston was even in this film which was something I actually then felt bad about, but then seeing that it wasn’t a very big role I forgive myself!

Overall, it has some good performance and attempts to have a few plot twists which were rather predictable which leaves some disappointment but still a well put together film that I quite enjoyed watching all over again.

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