The Morning Show (Season 1) Review

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An in-depth look into the people who are behind the camera on the Morning show in the US. Thinking about all of the breakfast TV shows that you have ever watched, we think we know those people who we wake up to every morning but surely there’s a lot more than we could ever know . . .


That is certainly something that this tv series will make everyone think carefully about. On the back of the Me Too movement this addresses the sexual harassment claims women have against men and whether any sexual relations were consensual or more forced because of the power. This is pretty much how it all starts when Mitch Kessler is accused of sexual misconduct and lets everyone down including his on air long term partner Alex Levy.

The show is put into chaos and they are attempting to get through the scandal. Little did Alex actually realise that they were actually trying to force her out. In an attempt to save herself she announces Bradley Jackson as her new co-host with no anchor experience she was a journalist who went viral with an outburst. Thrust into the crazy world of the morning show based in NYC could Bradley Jackson save it all?

We get to know the characters pretty well although the double crossing and keeping secrets part is something that you have to get used to when trying to make your mind up on the different characters. I will admit that I fully thought the worst of Cory Ellison and guessed wrong with his outcome. Although I guess I can actually now see that as reassuring, everything we have heard about different men certainly made me think the worst of every character at some point!

Alex Levy was struggling in her marriage and could not keep lying anymore, a very strained relationship with her daughter due to her job which in all fairness just gets worse and worse as the show goes on. Attempting to save her own career when Mitch’s actions were then put across to Alex actually knowing. I found those parts very frustrating and it was a long wait to find out how much she actually knew about it all.

Bradley Jackson was thrust into the limelight when a video of her at a protest went viral so she was actually just originally a guest on The Morning Show, but then everything happened very quickly and she was co-anchor and covering stories. Alex did not want to get on with her or like her, every time it seemed the pair had a breakthrough moment something then happened to wreck the relationship all over again.

Mitch Kessler is a character that we make a snap judgement of in the wake of the allegations against him, this is something you go backwards and forwards with when trying to decide if he was a predator if he was just being accused after finishing an affair with someone. Especially with so many different women involved and each seeing the thing they had with him as a very different experience. This is where the lines were well and truly blurred!

It had plenty of twists and turns and in all honesty I did see one very big moment coming which I will not spoil. This then built up towards a truly outstanding and perfect ending after everything that had happened over the ten episodes. Plenty of different drama and sub-plots within the main plot really did keep it all interesting from start to finish. Plenty of characters to get to know and trying to decide who was telling the truth and who to trust was tricky at times.

A very tough subject matter that was dealt with in many different ways showing how something like this can really affect people in different ways. That is certainly something to remember, I guess we can think that some people might need more help than others. Which is why at times this can be seen as a very important show, to highlight those very things!

Performances are brilliant with Jennifer Aniston truly standing out and showing just how good of an actress she really is. I was seriously blown away by her in each and every episode, actually make that every single scene. So many different emotions throughout all while wanting to keep her public image, but absolutely destroyed behind the scenes! Then working very well with Reese Witherspoon who let’s face it never ever disappoints and that is the best compliment I feel I can give her. Linking so well with Aniston, I am seriously looking forward to seeing how they go in season two. Billy Crudup offering what feels like a very evil character, but has fantastic development over the course of the show and my opinion changed a lot which highlights very good acting!

Steve Carell could be seen as taking a risk taking on a character like Mitch, but he was so good. The charming factor really did make it hard to dislike him which shows the issues with his type of predator like character! Gugu Mbatha-Raw was very impressive as well, enjoyed her tough scenes and came out as one of the best characters within the show. Jack Davenport offered very good support. Marcia Gay Harden was a scene stealer, only appearing in six of the ten episodes but she was a joy each and every time she was on screen. I was looking forward to the chaos her character was going to cause when she would appear!

I couldn’t get enough of the crazy world surrounding The Morning Show and found it engaging with very impressive performances, addressing the tough subject matters and genuinely curious how they are going to address some of these in season two. Quite a lot of unanswered questions and a cliffhanger for the end of season one, was pretty much the most perfect way for it all to go!

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