The Gentlemen (2020) Review


Mickey Pearson an American has made himself into a British drug lord and when he plans on getting out the rumours quickly spread as different people decide they want to take over the highly profitable empire.


The storytelling throughout the film was done in a very different and unique manner which worked very well. Fletcher a reporter is chasing a huge story about drug lord Mickey Pearson and had been following him around along with his most trusted man Raymond. The conversation one night between Fletcher and Raymond is the basis to tell the story, although Fletcher only knows his turn of events and sees this all as an amazing movie so adds his own twists at times waiting for Raymond to correct him with the true story.

It is rather complex at times with many different characters to keep everything going and just when you think it is all making sense something else even more crazy happens. Dry Eye part of the Chinese families wants nothing more than power and control which sees some very crazy decisions being made. Rosalind is the wife of Mickey but can more than look after herself as she runs a female heavy expensive car garage. Kingpin Matthew a billionaire from Oklahoma is the main person interested in buying the whole “business” and gets to see the different locations. A Coach who trains teens in boxing and wants them to be good people, ends up in the mix as well when his boys do something rather stupid and he vows to make it up for them.

It manages to combine comedy with plenty of swearing moments as well as extreme violence. This pretty much confirms that Guy Ritchie is back to his best with this film, isn’t that something that is absolutely amazing! It’s been too long since we have had this style and gangster film around London and I am very pleased this is the start of 2020 films, no better way in all honesty.

Hugh Grant really has been making some outstanding film choices in recent years and continues with his role as Fletcher showing he is willing to take on anything. Charlie Hunnam impressed me a lot in this one as well, I was really pleased he kept his own accent and we could here the Geordie coming through so many times, I personally feel that this made certain scenes even better. Colin Farrell was amazing as Coach and brought plenty of charm and humour. Seeing Michelle Dockery as the cockney crime wife was a welcomed change after my Downton Abbey obsession last year, great to see her in a totally different type of role. Henry Golding an actor who has really been launched into films in the past couple of years taking a totally different role as Dry Eye and I am now wondering if there’s anything he cannot do?

The mixture of the different characters along with the comedy and action scenes, plenty of moments that will make you laugh out loud. This is often linked with the language which gets off to a terrific start with Hugh Grant dropping the c-bomb! The way this is built up and finishes is that we might get a second film? But then again I am still waiting for RocknRolla part two which has never actually happened, which is a shame as I throughly enjoyed that Ritchie romp as well!

3 thoughts on “The Gentlemen (2020) Review

    • King Arthur was a big mess. I certainly felt that this is back to Ritchie’s best mind, so I hope you feel the same way. Loved Charlie Hunnman in it as well, I feel they have both made up for King Arthur!


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