Spies in Disguise (2019) Review


Lance is the best spy in the world and he must rely on Walter the nerdy tech officer to help when he turns him into a pigeon.


Lance may just be the worlds best spy but he also thinks he is just that and the way he treats those he works with is not the best really, he has a lot to learn in order to really be the best. This is when Walter comes in, after sacking the young scientist because of his unique ideas. Which mainly involve cats and glitter . . . He sneaks one of these into Lance’s kit and he uses it on a life or death mission. Even though it actually worked Lance was not happy with this.

When he ends up seeing Walter again when he is accused of killing people and keeping the contents from his last mission, he becomes his only hope to prove his innocence. Just a shame he is transformed into a pigeon, but as Walter claims this could actually be a very good thing as no one pays attention to them!

The film manages to be entertaining enough and I have decided that certain animated films really do need to be watched in a rather busy cinema with plenty of kids, that is something that happened with my viewing of this film. I also went with a 9 year old and a 5 year old, so to hear the different reactions to different scenes from them was also very good. It just showed that it had humour in it for all ages, some adult jokes and moments as well.

The baby hand scene was a big hit with everyone at the cinema screening I attended for this film. I had heard pretty good things about the film and I do think it was good, nothing more than that and nothing less really. It wasn’t outstanding but it was impressive enough for the story that it had. Especially considering its one of the last films to be released in the UK in 2019.

Will Smith and Tom Holland offering the vocals for lead characters and that is certainly something that is enjoyable. I mean they even have the animated characters looking very similar to the actors as well, which may or may not help? Personally it doesn’t really make a massive amount of difference really.

Walter is easily the best character who was always encouraged by his mother with his very unique style towards his inventions but complains that the other kids at school call him weird. She actually encourages him to continue to be weird and I thought that was a very good and impressive sub-plot within this film. That it is perfectly fine to be weird and the world needs more of that to progress forward!

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