Angel of Mine (2019) Review


Lizzie is a woman still grieving the death of her daughter and loses her current reality when believing that the girl is still actually alive and living with a different family.


Lizzie is separated from Mike and they are in a custody battle for their son Thomas. He is being ignored and forgotten about a lot by his mother when she spots a girl and is convinced it is her daughter. It takes too long to find out how the girl was killed and as it eventually turns out a big fire happened in the hospital which left a lot of newborns and mothers dead.

I felt as though we actually needed to know about that a lot quicker than we actually found out which was a bit of a shame really as knowing it earlier would have changed the dynamic of the film. It turned out to be rather creepy at times when Lizzie pretty much ended up stalking Claire and her family, growing more and more convinced that Lola was in fact her daughter.

At times it was very difficult to figure out which direction this film was going in caught between trying to be a thriller and or a mystery with the added drama element. Some scenes were very strange and did not fully fit with well quite frankly anything (yes strange messed up sex scene I am fully talking about you).

The characters weren’t really all that likeable either which considering a big tragedy involving the death of a baby you would think that you would feel very sympathetic towards Lizzie, I personally did not feel that way and thought she was not helping herself by pushing everyone away and not listening to those around her. Especially her parents who I actually felt sorry for. Along with Mike, I mean he went through this tragedy as well but that obviously did not matter how it effected him.

I guess the performances were just ok, Noomi Rapace who I usually enjoy watching was not on top form in this one for me. Doesn’t help when her lead character is not likeable at all mind. Luke Evans was not in the film anywhere near enough which was very disappointing considering he has top billing. Yvonne Strahovski didn’t really have a massive amount of personality either, so really the performances along with the story were just not strong enough at all for me to enjoy this film. Frustrating at times because the actual story could have been very good if done in a different way.

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