You (Season 2) Review


Joe Goldberg is back as he moves from New York to Los Angeles in an attempt to escape his murderous past, changing to a new identity and claiming he is named Will. Promising not to do everything all over again he meets Love Quinn and the old Joe starts to show his colours as well as being haunted by Guinevere Beck.


Joe now Will doesn’t take long to fall back into his obsessive ways when meeting Love, although he does try to resist and she pushes more towards him. This was certainly a little bit different and made everything interesting in that sense. Working in the book shop part of the cafe and not finding out that quickly that the strange manager is in fact her twin brother named Forty. Along with that he also strikes up a relationship with Ellie Alves who is 15 and lives next door to him, he finds himself wanting to protect her as she is making bad choices. Living with her older sister Delilah Alves who is a reporter and out to get a celebrity named Henderson who has a taste for young girls.

To become Will he steals the identity of a hacker which doesn’t really work out in the best manner when he actually owes someone a lot of money. This does not help with the way Joe deals with things. Still having his locker with the cage which certainly gets plenty of use.

I throughly enjoyed season one of You and thought Penn Badgley was very impressive, he follows on with what could be an even better performance in season two. Plenty of twists and turns along the way and it really is engaging from start to finish. Again we enter Joe’s mind as he comes to terms with his actions, we learn more about his childhood and the abuse he suffered and a turning point in his life with decisions he made.

The twist which happens in episodes 8 and 9 were certainly amazing and not what I was actually expecting at all. Confirming that Joe really has met his match, something I struggle with is that you still find yourself liking Joe even though he does the worst possible things with murder. I don’t know if it is because we hear his thoughts on this influences our tolerance towards his behaviour. He still manages to be charming and his obsessive nature really doesn’t seem as bad with Love.

Love and Forty are twins that have always had a life of privilege but also ignored by their parents. This has a massive impact on their behaviour now as adults and meeting Joe could be seen as another bad thing to happen to them as they all work together. Plenty of sub plots used throughout the different episodes and I personally think ten is a great number for this type of TV series.

The story behind his show is actually pretty amazing considering it was originally on Lifetime in the US but they decided to pass on a second season so it has become a Netflix original when they picked it up and it was a massive hit December 2018 and then released season two on the same date December 2019. The way everything is left was leading to a third season something I already want to watch and see what exactly is going to happen with that next! Maybe Joe can never ever be happy?

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