The Two Popes (2019) Review


Inside the Vatican Pope Benedict who is more conservative has a meeting with who would be future Pope Francis (current Cardinal) a liberal as they must find common ground to ensure the path of the Catholic Church.


It has to be said that the best thing about this is truly the performances from Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins as the two popes who are attempting to decide the future of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio found himself frustrated with the church and wanted to request permission to retire in 2012. He thought this was going to be granted when he was invited to the Vatican in Rome, but it just so happened Pope Benedict had invited his harshest critic for a meeting that would shake them to the very core. His future successor who had very different views to his own.

The film is inspired by true events, but with that I am sure it is impossible to know just how true it all actually is. That is something that in all honesty I haven’t been too bothered to actually check out. The film took me many different viewings to watch I just didn’t find myself engaged in the subject matter which is no real surprise in all honesty. I am not Catholic, I did however go to a Church of England Primary School and have been confirmed, I also attended Girls Brigade for many years as well. But the whole thing around the Pope is not something I have much knowledge over.

I was not entirely sure what I was going to be watching when Dancing Queen was placed over a moment quite early on in the film. Then add in plenty of Fanta and pizza then small talk about football and I found myself a little bit more interested. Maybe it was supposed to try and show that these men are very much normal like the rest of us? Well, that is how I took that anyway. I actually felt the best scene was as the credits were rolling with the reactions to watching the football World Cup Final and I really hope that part is actually true.

Anyway this is fully about the two performances which really are fantastic from start to finish. I have always been a huge fan of Jonathan Pryce so getting to see him in a role like this really was a huge joy, even if I did not love the film overall. The same with Anthony Hopkins is that you always know he is going to be impressive no matter on the role. Then seeing what the actual popes looked like at the end really did show that the casting was absolutely spot on!

A well acted film with a subject matter I personally wasn’t too interested in but I know so many people across the world will be.  It will probably divide opinion as most things regarding religion will do so that will help raise awareness with this one. Especially considering it is from Netflix and available to stream now.

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