Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) Review


The gang are back and must enter the game again when Spencer decides to go back in, but they quickly realise that it is different to the first time and just shows that it is the next level and new challenges are given.


I feel I must start this review with a little bit of background with my Jumanji past, the original Robin Williams film is one of my absolute favourites. I was not so much a fan of Welcome to the Jungle but can luckily say that I really enjoyed this one The Next Level. I am not really sure if it is because I was more prepared for what it might be like but I was ready to be entertained and that is certainly something it offers.

A slight difference with the next level and second venture into the game that the people are not the same avatars as they were in Welcome to the Jungle, so a slight twist and a way to offer some brand new characters within the Jumanji game world. This was also changed with Grandpa Eddie and Milo being sucked into the game. The old pair really struggling to understand what they were up against and must do.

Adding in Jurgen the Brutal as the villain was a nice touch especially with Rory McCann being so recognisable from Game of the Thrones and his notorious character of the Hound. Something that I personally enjoyed anyway and I am sure a lot of others would too. The amazing link to the original Jumanji film was truly fantastic and even with the name of the cafe I never actually put the link together until seeing the character and a big OMG moment came across me.

The action sequences are impressive enough and that is something that is a must in this type of film surely, as they had to battle first through the desert and then into the snow. Two very different types of areas which both looked very good on screen. The remember the character avatars are actually different characters is something that is easier to follow the second time round.

It was interesting to see the development of the characters especially with Spencer who wanted to go back into the game as being Bravestone was the only time he felt useful. Struggling to come to terms with his student life in New York City and maintaining his relationship with Ruby, showing that mental health is actually very important. I don’t even care if that’s looking at it way too deep for a film like this but it was certainly was something they went for. Maybe not giving it full attention or anything but it was definitely there as a sub plot that was a nice thing to add in my personal opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed this film a lot more than I was expecting and actually really pleased after being very disappointed with Welcome to the Jungle. I feel personally that they went to the next level with this one (pun totally intended).

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