Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Review


The end of the Skywalker saga as the remaining members of the Resistance must face the First Order on final time.


The Star Wars saga is split into three trilogies which have all been based around Skywalker and how that has developed and changed. The Rise of Skywalker is the third part of the most recent trilogy and supposed to be the full end of Star Wars (in this form at least). The build up around this film has been a little bit strange really as the fandom never seem to be happy with the outcome anymore. I have never been the biggest Star Wars fan but I do enjoy the galaxy and different characters, I wouldn’t say I get upset with how they make the films.

Our main three have been Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron and it has been brilliant to see the character development and progression over the years. Rey being a truly outstanding female character and really being a force, that extends into this film as we eventually find out her actual background and confirmed that she is not a nobody. Obviously I won’t spoil what that was, something I personally did not see coming at all really.

The bond between Rey and Kylo Ren continued to develop and in all honesty I have throughly enjoyed that part of the saga. Even more so as it went on throughout this film. It really was something that was interesting to watch as the pair battle with each other and able to communicate in a very different way. As it pushed on I had some personal preferences on how it would end and that was almost fully right.

Daisy Ridley is a joy to watch as Rey and the things she must go through push the performance to another level in terms of her acting. I really hope to see her in so many different types of films in the future. I loved the introduction of Richard E. Grant who is a personal favourite of mine plays the bad guy role in such a good way and had a couple of good scenes with Domhnall Gleeson. Seeing Carrie Fisher on screen again really does break your heart just a little bit as well.

Overall parts of the films I loved and parts I thought were just ok and then left with parts where I was left thinking “really?” So its a mixed bag really, maybe it will get better with repeat viewings and I will appreciate it more. So that is why I gave it 3 stars because I was too much on the fence with enjoying some parts and not others. The action is pretty cool and some amazing space shots, which you always expect from a Star Wars film. Maybe it is a good thing that it has now ended as at times this film did feel like it didn’t have an ultimate plan.

8 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Review

  1. Personally, I liked “Rise of Skywalker.” I’m more of a casual “Star Wars” fan and I know the story had to move on, hence the focus on the new trio. There were a lot of twists, and I cried a few times especially during THAT Carrie Fisher scene. I was surprised to learn about Rey’s heritage, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo will always be my favorite character in the new trilogy and it was a great ending to the Skywalker saga.

    It had a few flaws and could have been a bit longer to explain a few things. I loved the footage they used for Leia. Carrie Fisher still played a huge part in this film and they nailed it with what they had. The Skywalker story may have ended, but it will definitely live on.

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    • Oh love your take on this trilogy as part of the saga and can fully see where your coming from. Carrie Fisher as Leia is still so heartbreaking and was pretty impressive with how they had her on screen again.

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