Knives Out (2019) Review


Benoit Blanc a detective is investigating the suicide of Harlan Thrombey a very wealthy man with a big family all wanting a piece of his estate, can he be sure it wasn’t actually murder?


It doesn’t really get much more complicated than families, especially when money is involved. Each member of the Thrombey family from his children to grandchildren all felt they were entitled to his fortune and had used this to get to where they were in life. In the build up to his death Harlan had disagreements with most members of his family for very different reasons.

Nurse Marta Cabrera had become very close to Harlan and was taken in as part of the family (at times anyway) she is very much within the plot, which in all honesty is rather tricky to talk about without any spoilers. I guess the less said about that the better as it takes so many twists and turns, don’t ever think or believe that you have got it fully worked out.

Benoit Blanc had been hired by someone very quickly after the supposed suicide which confirmed that someone did not believe that he killed himself. Money in an envelope left the private investigator wondering about who hired him as well as the situation as a whole. With each member of the family appearing guilty and having a motive it was very difficult to decide who was telling the truth. Even with the whereabouts during the possible time of death mentioned.

Something very special about this film is managing to combine the age old whodunnit mystery with some modern twists along with it. Having so many different and interesting characters was also something that gave it an extra edge and a reminder that people in your family may not actually be the character you see them to be. Given that I didn’t actually feel that any of the characters in the film were actually likeable, each person was prepared to do anything to protect themselves and make the situation a little easier for them without any regard to anyone else and how it might impact them.

The cast put together are truly outstanding, that cannot be denied at all. Was great to see Daniel Craig in this type of role and really get to show off a different side to his acting talent, who will ever be able to forget the whole donut scene? Chris Evans post Captain America was a joy to watch and one scene had already blown up from just being in the trailer. Then adding in the talents of Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Plummer was always going to do great things let’s be honest. Then younger actors Katherine Langford and Jaeden Martell was refreshing to see, even if they did not have a massive amount of screen time. Ana de Armas was given the biggest role really and she was good, I didn’t think I recognised her but that is probably because I try to block out any memories of Knock Knock. That is currently the only other film I have seen her in.

5 thoughts on “Knives Out (2019) Review

  1. I have loved some of Daniel Craig’s dark comedies out of Great Britain. I agree the cast was wonderful. I figured out the actual villain far too early in the film. I loved the overly complicated sequence of events which, if put in a book, would get it turned away from a publisher as being too far fetched. But if it happened would be one of those cases of truth being stranger than fiction. It totally defies Occam’s Razor, whereby the simplest answer is ultimately the correct answer. It was a totally delightful movie and the end shot was just fantastic.


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