Merry Happy Whatever (Season 1) Review


Emmy Quinn is heading home for the usual family Christmas with her new boyfriend Matt, he probably isn’t fully prepared for what he is letting himself in for with her policeman father Don Quinn. His plans to propose on Christmas morning might just change with the crazy family unit!


Emmy is the youngest daughter and therefore the baby of the family, with two sisters Kayla and Patsy and brother Sean. Don plans on making life extremely difficult for Matt and immediately dislikes him before even getting to know him. Matt finds help from Joy and Todd who had a support group kinda thing going on as the outlaws, the people who had married into the family. Which also used to include Alan who bursts out to Kayla that he wants a divorce not long into the first episode.

The family Christmas takes place over 10 days which is in eight different episodes. Less than 30 minutes per episode which really means that everything flies over and is pretty much crazy from start to finish. Each member of the family having their own issues and problems but attempting to still enjoy the get together.

Don Quinn is a dominating man and everything must go his way, ordering everyone about and setting the schedules. Although with his interest in Nancy a nurse who works at the hospital he begins to slightly change as he wants to try and date her. Something he hasn’t done since the death of his wife.

Sean is married to Joy and they have three children, all of which brings its own problems. Especially when he has recently lost his job but does not want to admit that to his family. Kayla had been married to Alan but his divorce announcement came as a shock to her, but it turns out she is hiding a big secret. Then we have Patsy and Todd who long to have a child of their own and hopefully this will stop Patsy being everyone’s mother as a replacement of their own.

Matt is left wondering what he has let himself in for with this family and Don wants nothing more than Emmy to return home even setting up a job interview for her. With so many different things going on as you can imagine it leads to a lot of lies with the different characters putting in trust in someone else. Matt finds himself very involved very quickly, but with this makes friends and is actually a nice guy no matter what Don thinks.

With all of this we get some funny moments, even if it is predictable but most of the characters are likeable enough and feel real in terms of how family gatherings around the festive period can end up. Its far from perfect but good enough for a quick binge watch and maybe it will make you think that your Christmas family time isn’t so bad after all!

The cast worked together very well with Dennis Quaid heading up the family in a very different role to we have seen from him before, I haven’t quite got The Intruder out of my head yet either. Brent Morin and Bridgit Mendler worked well together. Ashley Tisdale who I did not immediately recognise as the girl from High School Musical, just couldn’t work it out is given plenty of amusing moments. I thought Adam Rose was probably the nicest of the characters as he just tried so hard to fit in as Todd and we can all more than relate to that!

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