A Gingerbread Romance (2018) Review


Taylor Scott is an architect and with only a few weeks until Christmas the firm she works for enters a contest to build life sized gingerbread houses, she must find a baker to help her win. A possible promotion rides on this for her and baker Adam Dale is the man that agrees to work with her.


What better theme for a cheesy christmas film than life sized gingerbread houses? Well, I certainly cannot think of anything better. The film is very predictable but I really did not care as it was extra sweet (slight pun intended) and the characters were likeable enough.

Taylor has spent a lot of time travelling around in recent years and doesn’t really have a place to call home for the up and coming holiday season. Launching herself into this project was to help take her mind off it and push for that promotion. Originally she was supposed to be teamed with a French pastry Chef but they did not get along. She stumbles into a bakery and meets Adam, who just happens to be a single dad as well as a very good baker.

Taylor manages to convince Adam to take part in the contest and really help her out. Admitting that she doesn’t really know anything about baking she is about to learn not only about cooking but life and love as well. Something she was not expecting at all, even though it was obvious to us viewers. Adam’s daughter Brooke becomes heavily involved in the project and takes to Taylor very quickly.

Watching and seeing the unreal gingerbread houses was certainly impressive with the different designs for the contest. Adam was hoping if he won it would impressive the investors he had been speaking with in an attempt to open his own bakery. So yes while this is a very cheesy Christmas film it also focuses on work commitments with career ambition linked in with it, I was not expecting that at all!

Something the story tries to remind everyone is that if you stop looking for love you will probably find it! Taylor and Adam were both rather content with life and focusing on trying to progress career wise that they didn’t have time for love. Until of course they got to know each other, that was another key thing about this film they didn’t instantly fall in love they weren’t too fond of each other to begin with, another factor in stopping it being too i over the top cheesy!

In all honesty by just seeing the title for this film I probably wouldn’t have watched it. But I actually saw an advert and got excited seeing Tia Mowry-Hardrict, hello 90s kid over here who loved the Sister Sister series with Tia starring with her twin Tamara. It was seriously one of the best 90s shows around and I could not resist watching her in this film. Which I am pleased about especially as Duane Henry was very good as well, they worked well together and while yes its that cheesy film genre we all love this one actually worked out rather well.

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