Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Review


When Prince Phillip proposes marriage to Aurora this does not go down well with her Godmother Maleficent. Causing absolute chaos with King John ending up cursed and Queen Ingrith with her own agenda!


Trying to make everything look truly amazing with the animals and creatures, this is something I dislike about the “live action” films I feel that animation really does have the added magic for these smaller things. Aurora believes she is in love with Phillip and it should unite all of the kingdoms, something King John wants more than anything he wants happiness and peace. Ingirth has other plans and had been stealing the fairies to make something to get rid of the fairies.

As you can see the plot did not have a lot going for it and was easy to see what was going to happen in the end, very predictable. Don’t get me wrong though that probably isn’t a bad thing considering the intended audience for the film.

Having more creatures or fairies like Maleficent just looked hilarious and I am sure that was not the point. The “battle” scene was laughable at times with the fairies bursting into dust and nothing from the Queen’s evil plan.

I feel that I must admit that I didn’t pick to see this film as I went to the cinema with a friend and it was her choice, having not enjoyed the first Maleficent film I was more than happy to give this one a miss. But actually having a slight social event around it was not a bad thing at all. It was certainly better than the actual film. Having re-read my first review it turns out I was actually impressive with Jolie. The same cannot be said this time round to be brutally honest.

Considering I had no intention of going to see this film I was pleasantly surprised and shocked to see Robert Lindsay as King John, a nice thing really! Sam Riley was probably the standout performance as he was amusing as well as helpful. Chiwetel Ejiofor was criminally underused which was massively disappointing, he deserved more and so did his character. Michelle Pfeiffer managed to steal a couple of the scenes but was rather over the top considering I am usually a huge fan of hers!

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