Christmas Break-In (2018) Review


Izzy is 9 years old and she is left at school when her parents forget to pick her up on time (again) and she must stay at the school telling Ray the caretaker (and her guitar teacher) that they are almost there to pick her up. A massive blizzard makes it more complicated and when some bad guys turn up it becomes Home Alone in a school . . .


First things first the plot is ridiculous a child could no longer be just left in the school without someone realising or being responsible for them. You just are not allowed to ever leave them alone, so I feel as though I had to get that out of the way!

I have given this a two star rating because of parts of the story are actually quite nice and Ray is the best character and so lovely in every possible way, Danny Glover did well with this. Although I was wondering why he would do a film like this (without the obvious money reason as surely he didn’t get that much). Anyway he is the full reason for the second star as it felt cruel to go for one star. Cameron Seely as Izzy was rather impressive as well, so I guess that can contribute to that rating a little bit.

The thing is though other than those two performances and well maybe the one from the dog as well, the rest of the cast are awful. Denise Richards face can hardly move, so much work done it was quite sad actually watching and seeing her life that. The worst though goes to Katrina Begin who is one of the worst attempted bad guys I have ever seen on screen. Seriously when it had a view decent message and good characters why throw in this rubbish acting attempt?

I turned into Home Alone at School when the bad guys who had stolen money turn up and decide it would be the ideal place to spend the night. Before they arrived Izzy had a good time playing and singing on stage, eating plenty of Chocolate pudding and pretty much running around the school. So I guess until that point it wasn’t too bad. Let’s just talk about her parents Heather and Pete though who just constantly forget about their 9 year old, not really very nice behaviour at all. Something she has got used to and her older brother didn’t really seem that bothered to begin with either.

A little Christmas link when the parents get a lift from a guy named Chris, oh yes you can see that little link. So it certainly did try to cover as many different Christmas themed things as possible. Some of which work very well and others because of the horrible acting fall rather short. Something that comes and goes with this type of film right? I really do think they all more than deserve its own genre! So many of them have been released even in the last few years, its only right!

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