A Heavenly Christmas (2016) Review


Eve Morgan is obsessed with her work and going for a promotion, because of that focus she neglects her family and never made time for love. Her death and being recruited as a Christmas Angel will make her come to terms with what she had been missing.


Now this film really does have a very impressive leading cast for a Hallmark Christmas Film that has to be said. I did get a feeling when I was watching it that I had actually seen it before though, although I cannot be certain if that is the case. But come on anything with Shirley MacLaine in is worth watching right? Of course!

Eve is a likeable character which is not often said for workaholics within Christmas time stories. She is though and trying to be more of a modern woman ensuring that her career is good and she has plenty of money to enjoy anything she would want in life. Spoiling her nephews with this but not actually giving them any of her time, something her brother wishes she would do more of.

She meets Max Wingford when they both try to get in the same taxi one night and ends up falling in the street and hitting her head. When she wakes everything is white and Pearl is there to explain she is dead. But she is getting a chance to go and help someone as a Christmas Angel, now considering Eve hates Christmas and pretty much everything about it this is not going to be an easy task at all. She is to answer a wish, the wish just happens to be from Lauren. A young girl who is worried about her Uncle who has been raising her, you guessed it that is Max.

The day they had met he was going to an audition for a music gig, something he had not done since his sister died. They had won a singing competition together and it was too painful for him. So the way Eve went on demanding that she got dropped first made him miss the audition. This obviously was the main reason she had been assigned to him. She was told one thing though, to not fall in love with anyone as it will not end well for her at all.

She forms a close bond with Lauren and helps her out a lot, as well as making the uncle/niece relationship even stronger when they realise that they have a good partnership going on and they will both be more than ok. I enjoyed the story and the fact that it wasn’t too over the top cheesy. I know, I know an angel is not exactly normal or anything but it is done in a classy way. Do I need to mention Shirley MacLaine again?

Kristin Davis and Eric McCormack have lovely chemistry together and work very well on screen. Both from super popular sitcoms, Sex and the City and Will and Grace so very well known in that sense. The cast were the main reason I decided to watch this one and very happy to report that it has just enough of the Christmas feel without going over the top.

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