Home for Christmas (2017) Review


When Betsy McKendrick meets Tyler Sloane, they quickly fall in love he is on active duty as a solider and it is not long before he must leave. Her mother Jane does not approve of the relationship.

*Home for Christmas Day (other title)*


Betsy McKendrick does not waste any time when meeting solider Tyler in the diner where she has been working. They quickly meet up again as she invites him to spend time with her friends. Getting to know each other very quickly and falling for one another.

The main issue? Well, Betsy’s father was killed in service and her mother is never going to approve of her relationship with Tyler. She knows the pain and suffering of being with someone in the armed forces and that is not what she wants for her daughter who had to grow up without her father around.

While that is going on Jane has interest from Jackson who owns the diner but she is rejecting his advances. But in true Hallmark Christmas cheesy film we know that everything will all work out very nicely come Christmas Day! Although to be fair this one does take a truly horrific twist that I was really hoping it would have a huge turn around and reveal in the end (which it does) but it managed to have a good 10/15 minutes of being utterly depressing!

With having the army relationship I couldn’t help but think about Nicholas Sparks adaptation of Dear John. I guess that is something that it easy to link to in that sense, but the time frame is very different and not over many years. Something I struggled to work out was how old Betsy was meant to be as the way she behaved was more like a young teenager, which was a little bit confusing at times.

I guess this one certainly had plenty of different cheesy moments and it attempted to have a good story which didn’t fully work out that well. I mean the fact it was set around Christmas with Christmas Eve and Day it didn’t feel a whole lot like Christmas. So it could have been set in the summer and still had the same story. Sometimes the Christmas factor is forced because everyone is meant to feel extra special and happy around the festive period right?

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