The Kominsky Method (Season 2) Review


Sandy working as an acting coach after a very small amount of success is back with his former agent and best friend Norman, as they must deal with growing older and the health problems that come along with ageing.


This certainly manages to pick up where season one left off in terms of the relationship between Sandy and Norman. As they continue to adapt to everything that is now happening to them as they are getting even older. Sandy still thinking he is a womaniser if that is only in his head now. Norman adapting to life without Eileen and reconnecting with an old lover, Madelyn. This was a nice addition as it made him realise that he can still have some happiness remaining in his life.

Mindy is about to shock her father when she eventually tells him about the relationship she is in with a much older man, you know his age! Talk about life backfiring in Sandy’s face as all the years of dating younger woman he now must cope with his daughter being a younger woman. Although Sandy and Martin strike up a very good friendship pretty much straight away.

Health issues and problems as you get older are addressed again giving the more dramatic moments and feel but also putting a lot of heart in with them. Moving away for a moment from the comedic moments, its a truly great balance and I am pleased we got to see more from Sandy and Norman.

It again clarifies that Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin have fantastic chemistry together, they really do bounce off each other in the best possible manner. For me this is why the show is successful, they feel like they really are just friends having a laugh. I feel as though my favourite moment which does not last very long at all is the phone conversion between Douglas and Kathleen Turner who is his ex-wife and Mindy’s mother. An amazing crossover to the many films they starred in together!

Something I really do find very unique about this show is that they are not afraid to address the different problems and issues people have as they get older. The health scares and having to go to the doctors many times, take so many pills and be able to quite frankly just deal with all of that. We are all getting older each day at a time, but to show it in this manner really is a great way to also remember that you need to laugh and smile or it would really defeat you.

In season two we are given more of Phoebe who eventually wants to turn her life around and reconnect with Norman. Martin is a rather consistent character and adds in more laughs which is obviously very welcomed. Then in the final episode we get Robby (Norman’s grandson) who had been in with Scientology and sets everything up for season 3 (we will get a third season right?). I personally think we have plenty more to come from the Kominsky Method and I for one am very happy about that. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are a true joy to watch and I want more!

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