Santa Girl (2019) Review


Cassie Claus the daughter of Santa Claus gets to go to college in the “real world” before heading back to the North Pole in an arranged marriage with the son of Jack Frost to unite the families and save the business of Christmas.


I don’t think it will even be possible to explain and describe the level of terrible this film actually is and the moments which allow it to be one of the worst films I have actually seen. I mean don’t we all love cheesy Christmas films? Of course, the ultimate guilty pleasure but this doesn’t even manage to be cheesy it is just very very bad.

I mean the plot doesn’t sound great but I decided to give it a go anyway, you know it could have had some charm that was missing when reading that this is about Santa’s daughter and then linked with Jack Frost. I mean it could have been a nice cheesy lovely Christmas film. It is not that. The acting is awful with a truly horrid script that you really cannot believe that a character has just said something in one of the worst ways possible.

Cassie Claus taking on Buddy the Elf style role after leaving the North Pole, but without any of the comedy and nice moments. As she seems to not know about phones and certain things but then all of a sudden can fit in. So basically that doesn’t really make any sense, plus she is not as innocent as Buddy comes across. As she starts college she takes her elf with her pretending to be her sister and uses her magical powers to help get to class on time.

She doesn’t waste anytime in being chased by two boys one J.R who is handsome and apparently wealthy but a twist with him which is obvious from the first second. Then Sam who is awkward and had to fight through his entire life. The way the triangle is going to go is straightforward and I can understand why this approach has been used considering the success this has in so many romantic comedies.

Jack Frost will stop at nothing to ensure his son marries Cassie and has not played by the rules as such suddenly appearing at the college and looking like he is pulling off fancy dress for a Game of Thrones party dressed as the Night King. I couldn’t help but hold back the laughter every time he was on the screen as looked hilarious. Maybe the funniest thing about this whole film? It could well be in all honesty. Although some of the lines are funny however not meant to be. I must also mention how Santa now has a sports car with “reindeer power under the hood” and the moment of it “flying” back to the North Pole is CGI that does not look like its from 2019.

If you are looking for a lovely cheesy Christmas film this is not one of them at all. I blame seeing Barry Boswick (aka Brad in Rocky Horror) for me deciding on this, I was curious about his version of Santa. That’s what I get for being so curious I guess, a truly terrible film!

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