Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Review


When Grace a human with cyborg parts arrives on earth from the future to protect Dani Ramos from a Terminator, Sarah Connor turns up to help after two decades earlier preventing Judgement Day.


I want to start this review by highlighting that this a very good action film, in terms of the chase and fight scenes. Something that I guess should be more than expected when it comes to a Terminator film right? You would certainly hope so, I figured it was best to begin with that praise.

Dani Ramos has no idea why she is being protected and then attacked. Grace does not seem like an normal human, which is quickly made sense of when we find out she has been enhanced. Landing on earth from 2042, a very different future to what everyone would be expecting. It was very easily to think that this plot was going to be pretty much the same as the first Terminator film and it takes quite a long time to reveal the slightly different twist which I guess wasn’t really a big shock.

Sarah Connor has spent the past twenty years since John was killed by The Terminator hunting them and receiving messages from someone giving her co-ordinates of where they have been appearing. Pretty much two years apart and then when Terminator arrives in Mexico City along with Grace as a protector it isn’t long until the three women work together to ensure Dani survives. Grace does not give the full story and that takes a little bit of time to get pieced together.

With what Sarah has been sent this just so happens to link to the co-ordinates that are on Grace’s body. If she was in trouble she had to get to that location, in Texas. This is when we find out that The Terminator is now known as Carl and he has been living a more human life over the past two decades. Something this allows is some lighthearted comedy moments which I wouldn’t expect any less of when it comes to Arnie! Obviously this was painful for Sarah and she pretty much wanted to blow his head off from the very first moment she finds out it is his house they battled to get across to.

The action scenes were very impressive with plenty of explosions and attempts made to slow down Terminator a new model, Rev-9 who are very difficult to actually stop and kill. We get all types of chases and sequences, with cars, lorries, helicopters and planes. They really did go all out in that sense. Giving us three leading kick ass female characters as well to fit in with the whole 2018/19 trend. A positive thing is that all three are actually good characters compared to some other films that have forced female characters just for the sake of it. These actually fit into the story and make sense.

Performance wise Linda Hamilton totally steals every single scene she appears in and therefore the whole film. She is seriously outstanding, kick ass and you really are rooting for her after everything she has been through over the years. Yes, it really does manage to make you feel that way. Working very well with Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes, who a both impressive as well. Schwarzenegger has to be in it through right, we know Terminator doesn’t really work without him!

Overall, a very good kick ass action film which for me was slightly let down with the story. It could have been pushed to new and better places in my opinion. Everything else spot on for an action film though!

5 thoughts on “Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Review

  1. At the end of you post when you say overall….I agree completely with you. To me the story is repetitive. They should went in a different direction. I still like the film however but…..Like I said. Nice review.


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