Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Review


Our favourite makeshift family are back still managing to survive in Zombieland even as the zombies are evolving and becoming stronger. Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock have plenty of issues ten years later!


I guess in terms of the way sequels are churned out these days it is actually quite refreshing to have a follow up 10 years later, which is actually strange in the sense that Harrelson, Eisenberg and Stone do not look like they have aged at all in the past decade, the only one who has is Breslin but that is more expected.

Trouble in paradise as they have decided that the White House will be where they will now call home. Tallahassee becoming a somewhat strange father figure to Little Rock and eventually driving her away when she cannot cope not having anyone her own age and the chance of finding a boyfriend. Throw in Columbus proposing marriage to Wichita and leading her to freak it out it is back to being just the boys. Although a trip to the mall and meeting Madison, confirming that the dumb blonde can survive for ten years against zombies by living in a freezer.

The addition of Madison in a bigger role than the other new characters we meet really does allow for plenty of silly and comedic moments. The film manages to pick up where it left off with the other characters and that was something I really enjoyed about it, although it is not quite at the same level but that is something that never really happens.

When Wichita returns to them without Little Rock, they work together again in an attempt to bring her home. She has been turned to a new life by hippy Berkeley and the chance of a safe place in Babylon. Which I have to admit was a rather interesting twist in terms of having so many survivors now living together. Let’s all agree though that melting the guns was a very stupid idea!

You wouldn’t really expect family and friendship goals to come from a film with plenty of zombies in it but that is something that this manages to do. We are refreshed with the rules Columbus has about surviving and maybe even more that he has added in over the years. The meeting with Albuquerque and Flagstaff was amusing enough, even though we already see the main parts of it in the trailer.

The thing with this film while it did not hit the high notes of the first it certainly still has plenty to offer and enjoy from start to finish. Also make sure you stay after the credits start to role as there is a lovely little surprise and extra scene which is quite possibly worth going to see this one for alone! Something else I do like is that it goes for it with the gory moments and including zombie kill of the year with a few rather crazy moments involved in those. All about the laughs! Horror comedy really does work so very well.

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