Theatre: Whoopi’s Back . . . In Sister Act!


My email has been filled with so many about Whoopi Goldberg starring in Sister Act the musical for only 39 days in July and August 2020.

29th July-30th August 2020
Eventim Apollo Theatre

I mean seriously every time I have clicked on my email this morning it has been about this show, if it was a straight copy of the film I might have been tempted. Considering I have seen the musical before and was not a big fan, I am actually quite pleased I am not then dying to see this.

I love Whoopi Goldberg and such a huge fan of hers as well, the ticket prices have gone past ridiculous with the top price coming in at £249.50.

I feel this has taken things to a totally different level. If you are lucky though and don’t mind having a restricted viewed seat you can pay £29.70 although I am guessing those have sold out very fast!


Jennifer Saunders is also starring in the show and she is great too, but surely even with two very well known performers the price has gone too much?

ALSO if you are going on a Thursday matinee Brenda Edwards is taking on Whoopi’s role. She is amazing mind as I’ve seen her in a few shows over the years.

If the unreal ticket price hasn’t put you off here is where you can purchase tickets (Eventim).

Thoughts on the price?

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