Movie Locations: Gotham Bank (The Dark Knight)

My recent trip to Chicago was to run the marathon but along with that I managed to do some sightseeing for my first time in the city.

Something that excited me about my trip and thinking film related was the fact that Christopher Nolan used Chicago as his Gotham City.


While on the river cruise looking at the amazing architecture of the city we are taken past this old post office. Which if you are not told on the tour would be just that, an old post office.

It is actually so much more!

It was used as Gotham Bank in the opening scene of The Dark Knight. You know that truly amazing scene with the heist and getting to see The Joker for the very first time.

Considering I was on my own on the boat tour with other people also on it I had to contain my excitement and just take a photo and fangirl on the inside! So there you have it a truly legendary place I went past on a boat in Chicago!!!

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