Late Night (2019) Review

Late Night - Poster

Katherine Newbury is a Late Night Talk Show host and in with changing the times she is looking like she is going to lose her show. It has become stale and outdated.


Having all male writers of a similar age certainly does not help at all. So welcome to 2019 and after the MeToo movement this film certainly does tick all of the right boxes in that sense giving two females interesting characters and roles. Showing that you really do need to have a balance in the work place. Even if it is not done in the best possible manner at times, which is a little bit of a shame really. 

This works out rather well for Molly though as she is applying for a job and being interviewed, Katherine demands they hire a female. So she gets the job. Can she actually do the work though that is a big ask and talking point. Something that they make look rather easy, but it also does help that women understand women’s problems more than men so they can really go into issues that men might be scared to talk about. It also shows how threatened some men can really be with women, intimidated by the thought of them being more successful. 

Something this film attempts to do is showcase just how different events are viewed when it is a woman in the driving seat so to speak. By that I mean the affair and how the reporting of a man doing that means the younger woman is slut shamed and he does not have to take responsibility. So basically everything is always a woman’s fault, right? This would be a totally different story if it was the man right? 

Emma Thompson is as brilliant as ever, like come on wouldn’t we all just watch her in anything? As I am sad to say that the film on the whole is rather flat. Considering it doesn’t really have that long of a running time it manages to drag in places. Mindy Kaling was good as well, as a character that we could not help but feel sorry for from start to finish. I felt John Lithgow wasn’t used enough considering how much of a good actor he is which was a little bit of a shame really. 

I personally would have liked to have seen more standup moments as that was probably my favourite scene. Wouldn’t we all actually pay good money to see Emma Thompson do stand up comedy! Molly as a woman of colour is in that strange area of wondering if that was why she was hired in the first place. Especially considering a lot of jokes are placed around just that. 

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