Ready or Not (2019) Review


Grace’s wedding night is not as happy as she would have expected it to be when she must play a game with her new in-laws and she pulls the worst possible card . . . Hide and Seek!


This was not to be a normal game of hide and seek as each member of her new found family are attempting to kill her before dawn. As they believe they do not complete this game they will all die when the sunrises.

Grace and Alex seemed to be a very normal couple in love he had distanced himself from the family and came back for the wedding. Even though they wouldn’t have been happy with the 18 months of them being together instead of three years. He hadn’t really told her very much about his family and failed to mention what would happen if she pulled the Hide and Seek card!

The first scene we see in the film is the family in masks chasing a man, who had married into the family. A young Alex was protected by his brother Daniel and didn’t see the kill happen. This turned out to be Aunt Helene’s new husband and the last time that card had been pulled.

In what was a very sinister game and therefore crazy film as Grace attempts to survive and hide around the house. Still in her lovely white wedding dress which is certainly not going to stay white for very long at all. It does have some very gory moments and this was something that is expected when you see the 18 rating flash up on the screen, something which always means the film will push boundaries now as it is a difficult rating to receive these days.

I actually feel as though that made me more excited when the film started. I have seen a lot of positive comments surrounding this film and really pleased to say that I can fully understand why. It dares to be different and is a joy to watch, which may feel a little bit strange considering the sadistic nature at times. But they balance this with some comedic moments and that is something that I throughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Not forgetting how much a fantastic kick-ass female character Grace is, played in fantastic fashion by Samara Weaving. We are rooting for her and want to see her survive. Something great about the character though is that she doesn’t just give up, she battles back and continues to do so over and over again. This is what we want to see this type of incredible character. Not needing a man to save her!

Plenty of different twists and turns throughout the film and moments that you weren’t expecting at all. That leads me to mention the ending and how truly perfect it was for the tone of the film and the way everything was unfolding. I reached the point where I really was not sure how they were going to do it and it really was something else! A unique film that deserves so much credit and praise!

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