Judy (2019) Review


Legendary Judy Garland was struggling for work and money so in 1968 arrives in London to perform in many sold out concerts. Showing the struggles of an icon and what she was willing to do for her children.


A truly heartbreaking telling of the final year of Judy Garland’s life, showing that she was corrupted by Hollywood from her first starring role in The Wizard of Oz when she was 15 years old, in the build up to the film being done and released. Given pills to help her sleep and then to give her a lift, something that would eventually see her death at 47 years old. Only 6 months after the concerts in London. Something which seemed to be very hit miss in terms of how she was feeling and then able to perform or not.

The film is based on the stage play ‘End of the Rainbow’ something which I had always wanted to see when it was touring the UK but never was lucky enough to actually catch it. So it was therefore nice to see that the film has taken on that to chronicle the demise of a superstar.

Its hard to believe that someone who had so many starring roles, the fandom and legacy could end up so alone and struggling. Something you hope Hollywood has learned from and would not treat a star like that anymore. Especially when it came to the pill taking and pretty much torturing her from a young age. Wanting nothing more than be able to look after her young children Lorna and Joey Luft. By this time Liza Minnelli was 22/23 years old. She didn’t have a home anymore and was kicked out of a hotel they had pretty much been living in due to her lack of money.

This was then how she ended up heading to London to make some money having to leave her children behind with her ex-husband Sidney Luft. The relationship between the pair did not come across as a very good one at all. It just made me wonder why no-one was willing to help Judy at all, surely at some point he had loved her?

Renee Zellweger puts in the most amazing performance and she will surely be nominated and win so many awards when the season hits. This is the type of transformation and performance that will gain so much praise. Rightly deserved as well, it was uncanny how she managed to become Judy Garland. Something I found very impressive was how much she looked like her from the profile view, like that is certainly some achievement! It was also great to see Jessie Buckley alongside her as Rosalyn Wilder the woman tasked with looking after her when she was in London, just a shame she didn’t have a singing part!

Certainly one of those films that is all about the leading performance. Which is not a bad thing at all, don’t forget the film is called ‘Judy’ after all. Showing how her early experiences are to blame for the shadow of the legend towards the end, sadly passing away in 1969. Her legacy will forever live on within her films.

6 thoughts on “Judy (2019) Review

  1. Not knowing much about her at all, I saw a documentary about Judy Garland last Christmas that was absolutely fascinating (it was hosted by Marc Almond, who was a huge fan of her- perhaps you saw it?). I’ll look forward to seeing this sometime. It rather sounds something like the Stan & Ollie film from last year, which I watched last month and quite adored. Its awful how Hollywood can turn its back on its stars of old. Is it wrong of me to think it a little hypocritical of Hollywood to champion them years later after their deaths?

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    • I didn’t see that documentary, I will have to try and find it!

      It did remind me of Stan & Ollie at times, I really enjoyed that film as well.


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