Don’t Let Go (2019) Review


Detective Jack Radcliff is always looking out for his niece Ashley as she is constantly let down by her father (his brother) and when the family are murdered in their own him he must try and figure out what happened to them. Something strange happens though and he ends up getting calls from Ashley . . .


I need to start this review by saying that this film is quite strange, in a sense that sometimes I guess we would think that it would be nice to have a second chance but in reality that can never ever happen. That because of the plot that Jack is receiving calls from Ashley who is now dead but from the past, her dates are different and he is therefore able to try and help her and the family with the information about the people or person who kills them.

You could say that it is an interesting concept for the film, but I think something different in terms of a twist would have made it more satisfying. A big stretch to believe that you can change the past and stop someone from dying. Although something I am sure everyone would want to happen at some point. Not saying just by murder but I am sure you can understand what I mean with that.

He must work and wait for more phone calls to come so he can piece together the case, even though this was something he was not supposed to be doing. Not officially anyway, he was told to leave it up to the other detectives. But on getting the phone calls he could not help himself and wanted to find out the person behind all of this. Who can he trust though? That would become a very big issue and something that keeps you guessing a little bit, even if parts are rather simple to guess.

I am quite a fan of David Oyelowo and that is the main reason I gave this film a chance and his performance is good, not disappointing at all. He is a very talented actor and takes on this leading role in a good manner. Storm Reid was also impressive enough as Ashley, offering very good level of performance. Something I wasn’t really expecting in the film so that was a nice little bonus.

I guess overall it tried to be something a little bit different and I you could even say it started out quite creepy really but did not go in the direction I was expecting. I thought it was going to head more towards the afterlife and that she was trapped in a similar style to Ghost but now with mobile phones as lets face it thats how we often live now. Anyway I was very wrong with that direction and it was a different concept but certainly something where you can just think well that cannot happen at all, I know its just a film but sometimes you want it to feel a little more real and the time travelling element was rather tough to get your head around.

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